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Sustainable Greenhouse

Sustainable GreenhouseThis project was supported by the Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative (ARDI) under the Canada-Manitoba Growing Forward initiative.

Our Sustainable Greenhouse opened January 2013 and is the new centre for training and applied research where ACC instructors and students will work on projects aimed at enhancing the environment. Divided into two sections, the greenhouse is comprised of a 1,200 square foot solar bay and a 1,200 square foot conventional bay. Connecting these two bays is the 600 square foot header house.

Sustainable Practises:

  • Solar panels heat our two bays through a forced air system while the black north wall in the solar bay radiates solar gain.
  • One-half of the solar bay has glycol tubing  within the concrete floor to provide the basic heat. The glycol is heated from the solar panels situated to the south of the bay.
  • Water is collected into retention tanks from rain in the summer and snow melt during the winter months.
  • Automated thermal blankets in the conventional bay can be closed in the evening to capture heat and automated roof vents allow excess heat to escape when needed.

 Activities undertaken will benefit local and rural businesses and communities in a variety of ways:

  • by demonstrating and testing a greenhouse as a model business enterprise,
  • by addressing needs for applied research on local food production and
  • as a model building system, demonstrating and testing low energy consumption using highly renewable approaches.

Programs that benefit from the sustainable greenhouse are the Agribusiness, Culinary Arts, Environmental Technologies and ACC’s new Horticultural Production program.

Most recently the students completed a small study on containerized growth using two different soil mixes for comparison purposes. They also were able to grow enough greens to supply ACC’s student-run Grey Owl Restaurant for the entire four weeks of operation.

For further information and ways to help the Foundation in fundraising for this project call Russell Maloney 725-8700 ext 6324 or email