Ambassadors' Program | Assiniboine Community College
Ambassadors' Program

The Ambassadors’ Club works with ACC’s Alumni Relations, Foundation and/or Recruitment offices to represent the college at various events and/or activities. Volunteers meet on a monthly basis to determine which activities they will undertake, as well as plan and implement any club social events.

Volunteer opportunities are diverse and could include volunteering at a local soup kitchen, giving campus tours, doing surveys, participating in focus groups, working at college events (eg. coat check), being a Spend a Day host (for more information on Spend a Day click here) and lending a helping hand at various functions with charitable organizations and the community at large.

Club members, who are passionate about a specific cause, are able to submit a request to the club membership to determine if the club will support their cause.

For more information, or if you are a current student interested in joining the Ambassadors' Club, contact the Alumni Relations office at 204.725.8700 or 800.862.6307 ext 7124, or email


Why volunteer?

The benefits of being an ACC student ambassador will vary from person-to-person, depending on how you choose to use the experience. Here are some of the reasons why others have joined the club:


1. Make a Difference

Volunteering strengthens communities and directly impacts the lives of many individuals. We have all received the benefits from the service of a volunteer at some time in our lives and will continue to be on the receiving end throughout our lives. Volunteering makes people feel good about themselves because they have the ability to help.


2. Enhance Skills

Volunteering can provide candidates with opportunities to develop and demonstrate some of the skills they wish to profile on their resume, as well as learning new ones. This is especially beneficial for students who do not have much work-related employment experience.

Volunteering can help anyone gain a richer understanding of diverse cultures, physical and mental challenges, as well as a multitude of other opportunities in the immediate surroundings or globally; there is no limit. Getting involved with a cause can also help to explore possible career options through direct experiences.

Depending on how involved the participant wants to be, there will be occasions where skills may be practiced, such as communicating with people from diverse backgrounds, from donors and sponsors to service providers and their clients; leadership, interpersonal relations, and decision-making. It’s really what each individual makes of this opportunity.


3. Improve Career Opportunities

At the end of the academic year, members will receive participation certificates that will identify the number of volunteer hours worked.

Candidates who can demonstrate that they have experience in a social responsibility role may be of interest to employers who are looking for candidates with leadership skills. This information can be a deciding factor in whether or not to offer an interview.


4. Networking Opportunities says: " Networking can seem like a trendy buzzword, but it's important to remember that it's conversation that can take place anywhere: the line at the grocery store, your next family party, even the bathroom. Chat it up even if you have a job because business is based on connections -- and you can't make them sitting in silence.”

Student ambassadors will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of high-profile individuals from businesses and organizations throughout the community, as well as with college administrators, faculty, and deans. If ACC students make a positive impression on any one of these contacts, it could affect future employment options.


5. Gain Self-Awareness

Taking part in new experiences is a great way to learn about oneself. Getting involved with volunteering can provide opportunities for us to realize what our beliefs, values, morals and ethics are and how we relate them to others. Volunteering can be a part of our life-long journey and it will help to shape each individual in a different way.