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Board Of Directors

The Assiniboine Community College Alumni Association Board of Directors meets throughout the academic year to establish alumni-based activities and initiatives. We aim to engage with Assiniboine alumni through events, communications and fundraisign efforts. The current board of directors includes the following:

  • Wayne Kirk, President (Agribusiness, Class of '03)
  • Jon Temple, Vice-President (Business Administration, Class of '08)
  • Caelie Walker, Past President (Office Administration, Class of  '09)
  • Lorra Eastcott (Business Administration, Class of '13)
  • Steve Langston (Business Administration, Class of '04)
  • Julie Muller (Business Administration, Class of ’01)
  • Tanya Salmon (Business Administration Student and ACCSA Vice-President, Events & Marketing)
  • Jamie Robinson (Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Class of '83)
  • Andrew Smart (Business Administration, Class of ’10)
  • Robert Eslinger (Business Administration, Class of '85)
  • Mike Lamb (Media Production, Class of '11
  • Dan East (Business Administration, Class of '03


  • Steve Horne, Director of External Relations, ACC
  • Lisa Huston, Alumni Relations Coordinator, ACC (Business Administration, Class of '96)
  • Paige Cuvelier, General Manager, ACCSA

If you're an alumnus of Assiniboine and are interested in volunteering with the Alumni Association Board of Directors, contact or 204.725.8700, ext. 7124