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Heavy Equipment Operator

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It's your future. Let's build it!

If you're looking for rewarding work, get moving now and sign up for our state-of-the-art Heavy Equipment Operator Training.

Working on high-end computer simulation equipment, you'll gain the experience and confidence you need to take the controls of heavy-duty construction and earth-moving equipment. Our instructors will help guide you through realistic simulators — with all the same controls — so you can be ready to do real work.

Then, you'll get practical hands-on experience in the seat of actual equipment, with instructors ensuring that you can put what you've learned into practice.

Finally, your practicum with a real-world employer will transition you into the demands of a working job site.

Cost: $9,995 (includes books but require PPE)

The Heavy Equipment Operator program will provide students with a combination of training in fundamental heavy equipment operator skills as well as related training in surveying, safety and equipment servicing. Graduates of the full program will be able to operate several types of heavy equipment in a safe manner, carry out preventative maintenance, complete pre- and post- inspections, remove and install attachments, load and unload equipment, and read and interpret legislation, site plans, and manufacturer manuals. Graduates will be well trained as heavy equipment operators for success in heavy construction industry.

We have the following heavy equipment available for instruction:

  • Excavator
  • Wheeled Loader
  • Bulldozer
  • Heavy truck
  • Forklift

Students will learn on simulations of all machines, but in-seat practical training will focus on excavators to meet industry demand.


Training schedule

  • 120 hours of classroom instruction
  • 80 hours of simulation
  • 20 hours in-seat equipment training
  • 140 hours employer practicum

Classes will be a blend of daytime and evening instruction, with a focus on heavy equipment operation principles, site surveying and grades, and worksite and personal safety. Simulator work will take you through the basics of operating each piece of heavy equipment, and some may be done at your convenience. In-seat training on heavy equipment and your employer practicum will be industry driven.


What you need to know

The majority of the work in this trade is outdoors. It is important that people entering the trade have strong mechanical aptitude, communication skills, mathematical ability, excellent visual and depth perception and a high degree of hand-foot-eye coordination. The operation of some heavy equipment is physically demanding as is the handling of accessories associated with the worksite operations.

It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for their practicum experience with an employer. The practicum can be paid or unpaid that will be at the discretion of your practicum employer.

Heavy equipment operators are well-compensated and in-demand — both in Manitoba and throughout Canada. You'll graduate with a Certificate of Achievement from Assiniboine Community College, recognized by employers.

Students in many of our programs find continuing work directly from their practicum.

Find out more

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