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Applied Research

Applied Research

Colleges and institutes across Canada play a lead role in strengthening Canada’s capacity to innovate by undertaking applied research that leverages their strong industry and community connections. They work with community partners to refine or adapt products, services, technologies, and processes. By providing partners with access to the required talent and state of the art facilities to drive innovation, they help generate both economic and social gain.

Taking part in applied research projects gives students practical experience through interactions with industry and community partners, equipping them with the skills necessary to innovate throughout their careers. This atmosphere of innovation makes its way into program curriculums, enhancing students’ learning experience.

The spirit of innovation is also reflected in the support colleges and institutes provide to entrepreneurs. They have become central to the development of Canada’s entrepreneurial eco-system, integrating these skills into program curriculums and supporting incubators and business hubs on their campuses. With partnered innovation at the core of their mandates, colleges and institutes play a crucial role in empowering students and graduates to drive Canadian innovation.

For more information on Applied Research at Assiniboine Community College, contact Martha Burkle, Director of Centre for Learning, and Innovation  x6645

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Last accessed: September 6, 2016


Current Research Projects

Dr. Poonam Singh

Dr. Sajjad Rao
Faculty member at Assiniboine Community College and an Adjunct Professor at Brandon University.

Dr. Poonam Singh and Dr. Sajjad Rao have received a research grant from Agri-Food Canada to provide for a student intern to research the effects of shrinking food systems while examining the practices utilized by the Dakota Plains people centuries ago. The food crops used by the Dakota helped not only to maintain their phsical health but often times were used in more holistic approaches to medicine, culture, spiritual practices, healing and protection.

The intern will work under the guidance of Dr. Singh and Dr. Rao in propogating seeds, with an opportunity to study their performance in modern ecosystems as well as establishing a seed library of traditional food crops


Dr. Poonam SinghACC Faculty Researcher Dr. Poonam Singh has been awarded the Engage Grant through the Government of Canada. This Grant is a partnership with Shelmerdine Garden Centre Ltd. and will be funded for $25,000. Dr. Singh will will explore the establishment of a biological pest management program for nursery crop production.

Dr. Singh will be formalizing the timing of the research, which is expected to begin in early 2018 to align with the Shelmerdine growing season.


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