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Professional Development

The recent explosion of knowledge about how people learn has brought us into exciting times for teaching. This new knowledge informs instruction and makes it essential that teachers model life-long learning by continually improving their practice. Some topics highlighted in recent research include:

  • learning styles, the multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence
  • brain research
  • authentic assessment
  • active and interactive teaching and learning strategies
  • accommodations for diverse learners
  • inclusive practices
  • advancements in technology that facilitate learning

Instructors at the college pursue professional development in many different ways. The Faculty Performance Evaluation Review assists instructors in identifying professional development goals. Some have the opportunity to return to industry for brief periods to update their knowledge. As well, instructors may apply to the professional development committees in their schools to attend workshops and seminars relevant to their teaching area.

Each year an assortment of professional development “mini sessions” are scheduled during lunch hours at the college in October and November. In these sessions, instructors share skills, helpful hints and insights into practice that have assisted them in the classroom. These workshops are called the Brown Bag Faculty Development program.

In addition, three college wide professional development days take place on an annual basis, one day in February and two days in May or June. Faculty are expected to attend and participate in these events, which feature a variety of topics from which to choose.