How to Apply | Assiniboine Community College
How to Apply

Step One

Review the list of programs available to international students. These are the only programs for which we accept international applications.

Step Two

Review the program information for the program you wish to study so that you have a good understanding of the program and its career possibilities.

Step Three

Review the admission requirements listed in the program information, and the requirements for applicants from your country in the Admission Requirements chart. Pay attention in particular to specific course requirements, like Math or Science.  Also ensure that you meet the English language proficiency requirement.

Step Four

If you believe you meet the admission requirements listed, submit your application, including:

  • The completed international application form. Complete as much of it as possible online, and then print it and sign it.  Often it is difficult for us to reading handwritten applications, which could mean we spell your name incorrectly, or can’t mail or email your correct address.  Note:  If you want someone to receive information about your application on your behalf, complete and sign the “Use of Agents or Other Representatives” section.
  • Non-refundable application fee of $150.00.  Information about how to pay the fee is on the application form.
  • Transcripts of your (senior) secondary education or exam results. Notarized English translations of the transcript must accompany the document if it is in another language.
  • Transcripts of your post-secondary (college or university) education, if you have studied at that level. Notarized English translations of the transcript must accompany the document if it is in another language.
  • Proof of English language proficiency, which will either be a valid and acceptable test score, transcripts of appropriate education in Canada or a country on our test-exempt list, or proof of registration at one of our pathway schools.

You can scan the documents and attach them to an email to or you can mail the documents to Assiniboine International, Room 145, Assiniboine Community College, 1430 Victoria Ave East, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, R7A 2A9.

We begin working with an application only when it is complete, including all documents, the application form, and the fee.

We can accept scanned documents for the admissions process, and will receive a letter of acceptance if you meet all requirements and there are seats in the program.

However, you must bring original documents (both in original language and notarized English translations) to Canada when you arrive, and show them to our Admissions/Registration office, before you will be registered in classes.  If you do not provide original documents at this time, your admission could be cancelled. 

We encourage you to apply at least six months in advance of the start date to allow time for study permit applications.  Please note that enrollment numbers for all programs are limited, and students are accepted on a "first-qualified, first-served" basis.