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Pork Production Technician Apprenticeship

Duration/Start: 2 Years/Various dates

Credential: Apprenticeship Training

Pork Production Technician is a two-year apprenticeship program that lets you earn a full-time wage and enjoy the benefits of rural living while training for a career in Manitoba's hog industry. The program was developed with the Province of Manitoba and Manitoba pork producers and provides practical on-farm training that is supplemented by technical training. Apprentices must successfully complete 1800 hours of training each year, a total of 3600 hours, and pass a final exam after year two to obtain a provincial Certificate of Qualification confirming status as a certified journeyperson.

About 80% of the training occurs on the job, working and learning the skills of your trade. The other 20% is a combination of home study and once per week live e-sessions designed to enhance the skills learned on the job. This includes approximately 5 hours of self study per week and unit tests throughout the two years.

Graduates receive the status of Journeypersons Pork Production Technicians, from Manitoba Apprenticeship. The Journeyperson is certified to handle and care for hogs in the breeding, farrowing, nursery and grow/finish stages of pork production.

Costs: Non-refundable application fee of $95 accompanies the application to the Apprenticeship Branch. Tuition fees are $200 each year and are paid to Apprenticeship Manitoba. 

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Fast Facts

Duration/Start 2 Years/Various dates

Credential Apprenticeship Training

Credits 0.00

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery Yes

International Students No

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