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Students require a C+ in each course to successfully complete the program.


Once you have completed all courses and the practicum successfully, you may apply for your certificate by submitting an Application to Graduate to the Centre of Continuing Studies, stating which certificate you are applying for with a list of the courses you have completed.

Note: You will receive an official transcript of your marks after completing the certificate.

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  • Applied Counselling Skills

    • Course ID Title Credits/CEUs Study

    • Legend: D - Distance Education, P - PLAR, E - Elective

      PSSY-0053 Aboriginal Counselling 3 credit(s) C
      This course provides students with an introductory level of understanding of the world view, perspectives of First Nations traditional healing ceremonies, and an awareness of the history and impact of oppression. Students examine the effect of accepted Western counselling practices and philosophy on First Nations people - its success and failure. This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

      PSSY-0045 Assessment & Intervention 3 credit(s) C
      Learn to assist clients in their development of new perspectives and to assist them in planning and sustaining action plans that work. Acquire practical skills to work with clients in one-to-one and group settings.This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

      COMM-0132 Communication Skills 3 credit(s) C
      In this course, students acquire knowledge of basic micro-counselling skills. They study topics such as body language, communication in a group setting, non-verbal communication and factors that assist or hinder effective listening. Students acquire advanced skills in empathy and probing which lead to helping clients make decisions to become efficient problem solvers. Explore techniques in screening, interviewing, helping clients tell their stories and become familiar with report writing. This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

      PSSY-0032 Counselling Children and Youth 3 credit(s) C
      Familiarize yourself with child counselling and its process with this overview of the biological, sexual and cognitive transitions of children and adolescents. Study communication, maintenance and enhancement of self-esteem, identity acquisition, sexuality and independence. Explore current techniques, strategies and skills for counselling children and youth. This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

      PRAC-0057 Counselling Practicum 3 credit(s) C
      Personal resume to be presented at the first class. A current and favourable Adult Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check must be presented to the Centre of Continuing Studies prior to registration for practicum. Students with a criminal record may not be able to complete this practicum. The practicum integrates theory and practice in the work environment by providing first-hand experience in counselling. Placements may include social services, schools, corrections, youth groups or other similar settings. The 120-hour practicum includes 20 hours of classroom time. This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

      PSSY-0031 Counselling Skills Theory 3 credit(s) C
      Study a variety of counselling theories with an emphasis on translating theory into practice. Participate in ongoing practical counselling exercises to accompany the theoretical portion of this course. Discussion, demonstration and practice are part of this course. This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

      PSSY-0033 Cultural Adapt/Counselling 3 credit(s) C
      Explore the field of counselling across cultures. Use a three-stage developmental process that includes awareness, knowledge and skills to develop proficiency in cross-cultural counselling. Participate in role-playing, simulation exercises and group exercises to learn the appropriate methods to respond to cultures other than one's own. This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

      PSSY-0034 Family Counselling Skills 3 credit(s) C
      Examine the characteristics of both functional and dysfunctional families. Study family violence, learned behaviour, the dynamics of relationships and effective parenting. Learn to create and use genogram mapping. Explore strategies to provide counselling for issues dealing with violence, and the environmental and biological needs in marriage. This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

      PSSY-0069 Group Facilitation 3 credit(s) C
      Increasingly, group processes are required to meet the counselling needs of individuals in various settings. In this course, students study the theory and practical applications of group facilitation techniques, and acquire the skills to facilitate group interaction that promotes self-understanding and behavioural changes for individuals in the group. This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

      LAWG-0024 Legal and Ethical Issues 3 credit(s) C
      In this course students acquire knowledge of the various laws, procedures and legal issues involved in social, educational, and cultural agencies and they develop an awareness of the moral and legal responsibilities of the counsellor. This course is for Applied Counselling Skills students only.

    Tuition and other related fees: $4370
    Textbooks, tools, supplies and extracurricular costs: $1000

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Duration/Start Part Time Evening/September

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Credits 30.00

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Co-op Work Placement No

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