RDS Login | Assiniboine Community College
RDS Login

To Connect:

  1. Start the “Remote Desktop Connection” program. It will be in one of the following two places on your computer’s start menu.
    • Start > All Programs > Accessories
    • Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications
    • When prompted for the name of the computer to connect to, enter rds2.assiniboine.net or rds1.assiniboine.net (you can use either server at any time).
    • When prompted for a username, enter “mainc\” followed by your network username. For example, if your network username is “frank” you would enter “mainc\frank.”
    • When prompted for a password, enter your network password.
    • Your desktop will appear.
    • Start using this “virtual desktop” just like you would if you were sitting at a computer at the college.

To Disconnect:

  1. From the Start menu select "log off."
  2. When it asks "are you sure," click "log off."