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Competitive Entry

Culinary Arts, Police Studies, and Social Service Worker determine admission based on competitive entry. This means that successful applicants are selected from the pool of qualified applicants based on a number of criteria that ensure best fit for the demands of the program.

Each competitive entry program requires that applicants complete a supplemental application form. Please refer to the program checklists below for the complete list of documents that need to be sent with each program.

  • We encourage you to complete this form electronically before printing to ensure legibility. 
  • An alternate format of this document is acceptable. Please contact the college's Registrar at 204.725.8700 ext 6029 for guidance on alternate format submissions.

Early application is strongly recommended. Applications are continuously accepted. 

Applicant selection and offers of admission will be made based on information on file after all information is received, and on specific decision dates. 

All applicants must meet any requirements on their conditional acceptance letters to a satisfactory level by a date no later than 30 days before the first day of classes. If not met, these conditions will not be waived, and applicants will not be allowed to enrol in the program.


Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts applicants must submit the documentation noted in the Culinary Arts Application Checklist

Competitive entry applications for Culinary Arts are reviewed on a monthly basis beginning on February 15, 2018.


Police Studies

Police Studies applicants must submit the documentation noted in the Police Studies Application Checklist.

Competitive entry applications for Police Studies will be reviewed on a monthly basis beginning on April 16, 2018.


Social Service Worker

Social Service worker applicants must submit documentation noted in the Social Service Worker Application Checklist.

Competitive entry applications for Social Service Worker will be reviewed on a monhtly basis beginning on April 16, 2018.


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