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Armed For Fall

Armed For Fall

This contest is now closed.

To support vaccine uptake across our college community, we're holding a contest for two lucky students to win domestic tuition for the 2021-22 academic year. And there are great runner-up prizes too!

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Grand Prize:

  • Domestic tuition* for 2021-22 academic year (3 winners)

Runner Up Prizes:

  • $100 gift card to campus bookstore (5 winners)
  • College swag package (10 winners)

*Maximum prize value of $4,000 to cover tuition and course-related fees.

Contest Eligibility and FAQs

1. When do I have to receive my vaccination by and enter the draw before?

If you wish to participate in the first draw, your entry must be made before 11:59 p.m. on September 6, 2021. You need to have your first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to be eligible for entry.

If you wish to participate in the second draw only, your entry must be made before 11:59 p.m. on September 30, 2021. You need to have your first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to be eligible for entry.

If you wish to participate in the third draw only, you entry must be made before 9 a.m. on November 5, 2021. You need to have your first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to be eligible for entry.

2. Can I enter the draw more than once?

No, only one entry per student will be counted.

3. Can I enter the draw on behalf of someone else?

No, the expectation is that the student is submitting their own entry in this contest.

4. Many COVID-19 vaccines require two doses. Do I need to have both before I’m eligible to enter this contest?

No! Just your first dose is required to enter this contest. But please be sure to get fully vaccinated according to the requirements of your vaccine as outlined by Manitoba Health.

5. If I win, can I transfer my prize to someone else?

The tuition prize (grand prize) is non-transferable to another individual or to another academic year. If you win a runner-up prize, it’s yours to do with as you please once you receive it from us.

6. I’m an international student. Can I enter the contest?

Yes! Please note that the grand prize of domestic tuition means that the maximum prize is $4,000 against your full tuition.

7. If I’m planning to attend Assiniboine in a future year, can I still enter the contest now?

No, in order to be eligible to win, you must be an active student as of fall 2021.

8. I am a new student and I do not have an @assiniboine email yet. How do I register?

New students received their college email in early July. Please register for this contest once you have your email address.

9. I am a new student and don't know my student ID number. Where do I find this?

Please refer to the letters you received as a part of your admissions process. It will include your student number.

10. What if I’ve already paid my tuition and I win. Will the college reimburse me?

Yes, the college will give you the remaining balance of prize money if your account is paid up. If you have money owing on your account, the prize will be used to offset this, either partially or entirely (whichever is greater).

11. What is the maximum prize value for the tuition grand prize?

The maximum value awarded to the grand prize winner is $4,000 in tuition and related course fees. If you are a part-time student and your total tuition amount for 2021-22 is lower than the prize amount, you will receive a maximum of your total tuition for the academic year.

12. Do I need to be a current student at Assiniboine at the time the draw is made?

Yes, you must be an active part-time or full-time student in a regular program. Students in Continuing Studies or Agriculture Extension courses, for example, are not eligible.

13. I'm a student in the Mature Student High School program. Am I still eligible to win?

Students in our Mature Student High School program do not pay tuition fees; however there are small course fees and Students' Association fees per course. Should you be the grand prize winner, we would allow your course fees to be eligible, meaning you would win the full amount for these fees. You would not receive any cash prize.

14. Do I need to provide proof of vaccine in order to enter the contest?

We do not require you to show us proof of receiving a vaccine dose in order to enter this contest; however, winners will be required to show proof of vaccination before collecting their prize. This may be done by showing your digital or physical Manitoba Immunization Card or Immunization Record.

15. I’m a returning student. Can I still enter this contest or is it for new students only?

This contest is open to all new and returning students at all campuses.

16. I'm beginning/returning to a program this fall, but it doesn't start until November 2021. Can I still enter the contest?

Yes, if you are registered for a program that begins as late as November 2021, you can still enter. If you win, the college will provide your prize two weeks after your program commences.

17. When will the college announce the winners?

The first grand prize tuition draw will occur on Monday, September 20, 2021. The second grand prize tuition draw will occur on October 1, 2021. The third grand prize tuition draw will occur on November 5, 2021. Winners will be contacted shortly thereafter the draw dates. You must be a registered student at the time contest winners are drawn to remain eligible.

The grand prize and runner up winners will be notified directly through their college email address and be given one week to claim their prize. Names of winners may be shared with the college community and the general public via the college’s social media accounts, intranets and in a news release.

18. Why is Assiniboine holding this contest?

The vaccine helps against the fight of COVID-19. We feel it's important to encourage students to get vaccinated, to keep themselves and others safe, and to help halt the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccination, common Q&As, and myth busting at

Kudos to the University of Lethbridge for the great idea! They inspired us to announce a similar contest to the one they are holding.