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ACC is thriving with applied research projects in many different areas, most notably in the fields of agriculture, environment and technology.

Applied research activities contribute to better programs, better student experiences and better outcomes for businesses and organizations in our region.

The term 'applied research' refers to activities aimed at discovering, interpreting, applying, and disseminating new knowledge in response to problems relevant to the college and the businesses, organizations, and individuals of its community. Applied Research may include studies, tests, simulations, demonstrations, prototype development, and other technical research and commercialization activities.

ACC’s research activities provide us with particular benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced faculty skills, knowledge, and technical currency
  • Program curricula that is current
  • Faculty and students that are more effectively engaged with industry
  • Enhanced educational outcomes as students become involved in projects aimed at solving issues faced by industry and organizations.
  • Better-equipped students, not only with more advanced skills and knowledge but also with more effective problem-solving capacity, equipping them to serve the needs of the businesses and organizations in which they become employed as graduates
  • Businesses, organizations, and communities that benefit from the expertise and problem-solving capacity found at Assiniboine.
  • Faculty and students of Assiniboine that gain access to and experience with advanced equipment and processes.
  • Businesses and organizations that increasingly recognize our contribution and value, which translates to increased industry support for capital and program development and projects.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss applied research projects.

204.725.8700 Ext: 6199
800.862.6307 Ext: 6199 (toll-free)
204.725.8740 (fax)

Our Expertise

Our faculty members have expertise in agriculture and agribusiness, environmental monitoring and management, mechanical and construction trades, geomatics and wireless technologies, health, education, community economic development, new media, and business. The college has excellent connections with organizations in our region and with other educational and research organizations across the country. Assiniboine is uniquely positioned to help solve technical and operational issues of businesses and organizations, while at the same time, adding value to the training of our students.


What's in it for students?

ACC conducts applied research projects that respond to industry needs and support the economic and social development of our community. Our college's applied research and innovation activities focus on assisting the college's extended community of businesses and organizations with the technical, business, and human issues that affect them. These activities play a significant role in enhancing our expertise, our programming, and our impact.


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