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Faculty Researchers

Dr. Sajjad Rao

Dr. Sajjad Rao

Dr. Rao holds a PhD degree in Plant Science from The University of Liverpool, England. He is an accredited professional plant breeder with Canadian Seed Growers Association, external examiner for post-graduate research studies with international universities and professional agrologist with over 20 years of experience in applied research and teaching. His past research involved the innovation of novel genetics, crop variety improvement and production technology in horticultural and agronomic crops.

Development of “WFT 603”, first feed wheat variety for Canadian Prairies is among his novel accomplishments as plant breeder. His core research interest includes dissecting and exploring the genetic components of important crop traits for yield and quality improvement in greenhouse and field crops. As well as he investigates the role of biotic and abiotic stresses in plants and overall crop production. Dr. Rao also explores and elucidates the role of horticultural crop production practices, nutrition, and abiotic factors on postharvest disorders and fruit quality. His significant research contribution was published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Poonam Singh

Dr. Poonam Singh joined the college in 2015 as a researcher and instructor in our Horticultural Production and Sustainable Food Systems programs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, a Bachelor of Education degree, a BC Provincial Instructor diploma, a Masters of Science in Landscaping and Floriculture and a Doctorate degree in Horticulture.

Dr. Singh is an internationally known researcher. Her research focuses on sustainable crop production technologies, enrichment of plant germplasm for genetic enhancement and traditional food systems of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Most of Dr. Singh's research in Canada was carried out in collaboration with local companies as commercialization partners and the products developed became new sources of revenue for the collaborators. Her research work supported the adoption of sustainable processes and improved crop diversity at agricultural farms.

She is credited with bringing the first ever 'NSERC Engage' grant to Assiniboine Community College on developing a cost-effective biologically based Integrated Pest Management program for use at Shelmerdine Nursery, the largest retail nursery in Manitoba. This project supports an active local food movement by providing tools to produce pesticide-free food. She is also a recipient of Shastri Partnership Seed Grant on plant breeding systems for organic farming systems funded by the Shastri Indo Canadian Institute, Canada. Between 2004 to 2017, she presented her research at 27 national and international conferences and published 13 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Singh's full research statement is available here.

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