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Pay it Forward

Together, Assiniboine alumni can clear a path to education for future alumni

Scholarships, awards and bursaries can have a major impact on the lives of their recipients by breaking down the barriers to continuing education and enabling the realization of individual potential. Individuals, communities and businesses all win when we equip people to participate and succeed in the workplace.

ACC's alumni recognize that their time as students were foundational to individual career success and laid the groundwork for lifelong learning and personal growth. In the spirit of gratitude, please consider joining your fellow alumni by donating to the college's Foundation. Your gift - large or small - will help break down the barriers to success for future alumni.


  1. The Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative (MSBI) contributes $1 for every $2 disbursed.
  2. In 2017/18 Assiniboine awarded close to $300,000 in student awards to students.

Download the Assiniboine Alumni Giving Campaign Pledge Form (PDF)

Making a Difference

Dallas is an Interactive Media Arts graduate.

“I went to class every day to work on my assignments, to share my opinions, but above all else – to learn. I was constantly working towards my goals in the program, and it was nice to get some recognition for my efforts.”

“Getting the Academic Leadership Award took away a lot of stress that I was having about my practicum at the end of the academic year.”

— Dallas Flett-Wapash
Interactive Media Arts, class of 2017

Lindsay Sanderson, a Business Administration graduate.

“I feel very appreciative to have received these awards. I am genuinely grateful to have been a recipient and to have been selected amongst many candidates. I am also deeply respectful to the donors who provide these student awards.”

“If it weren’t for donors, many deserving individuals would be held back by finances or wouldn’t be recognized for their hard work and determination.”

— Lindsay Sanderson
Business Administration, class of 2017


“Receiving a scholarship was the difference between going to school and not. I was so grateful to get the extra financial help…it really made the final decision as to whether I would attend college or not."

— Brooke Huculak
Police Studies, class of 2016