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Board Of Directors

The Assiniboine Community College Alumni Association Board of Directors meets throughout the academic year to establish alumni-based activities and initiatives. We aim to engage with Assiniboine alumni through events, communications and fundraising efforts. The current board of directors includes the following:

  • Wayne Kirk, President (Agribusiness, Class of '03)
  • Jon Temple, Vice-President (Business Administration, Class of '08)
  • Caelie Walker (Office Administration, Class of  '09)
  • Steve Langston (Business Administration, Class of '04)
  • Jayden Lamb (Business Administration, Class of '14)
  • Jamie Robinson (Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Class of '83)
  • Robert Eslinger (Business Administration, Class of '85)
  • Mike Lamb (Media Production, Class of '11)
  • Larry Makarikhin (Business Administration, Class of '15)
  • Kayla Bull (Business Administration, Class of '15 & 18)
  • Lorra Eastcott (Business Administration, Class of '13)
  • Crystal Jensen (Practical Nursing, Class of '00)
  • Jill Hruska (Practical Nursing instructor)
  • Bryden Moar (Students' Association representative - VP, Events & Marketing)

Parkland Region Alumni Committee 

The Parkland Region Alumni Committee meets regularly throughout the academic year and aims to connect and engage with Assiniboine alumni living and working in the Parkland region. The current committee includes:

  • Erin Sigvaldason, Chairperson (Business Administration, Class of '01)
  • Nina Crawford (Business Administration, Class of '94)
  • Lindsay Sanderson (Business Administration, Class of '17)
  • Ashley Sidlar (Business Administration, Class of '10)
  • David Simmonds (Business Administration Instructor)
  • Carissa Caruk-Ganczar (Rural Development, Class of '03)
  • Lorraine Johnson (Assiniboine Community College)
  • Gabe Mercier (Assiniboine Community College)


  • Derrick Turner, Director of Advancement & External Relations, ACC
  • Lisa Huston, Alumni Relations Coordinator, ACC (Business Administration, Class of '96)
  • Matthew May, Director, Assiniboine Community College Students Association

If you're an alumnus of Assiniboine and are interested in volunteering with the Alumni Association Board of Directors, contact or 204.725.8700, ext. 7124

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