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Carpentry camps underway in Brandon and Dauphin

Carpentry camps underway in Brandon and Dauphin

Written On: 04 August, 2015
Category: Learn By Doing Parkland Campus
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Free carpentry camps for teenagers are underway and students are in the middle of sawing, hammering and assembling products in the wood shops of our Parkland and North Hill campuses.

The free carpentry camps, funded by Apprenticeship Manitoba, started last week in Dauphin, and Tuesday in Brandon. They each run for nine days and will teach the teens some of the basics of woodworking, including safety, planning and how to properly use both hand and power tools.

Above, Kobi measures a piece of plywood for a birdhouse.

Here are some more photos from the first week of carpentry camp in Dauphin:

Students learn the basics of their first project: a bird house from instructor Don Sheldon.

Warner and Zack compare notes on their plywood pieces.

Stewart checks his plans before making another cut.

Niles makes a crosscut on the mitre saw.

Evan gets ready to measure for his next cut.

Don points out something to consider for students Aaron and Ashton.

Ashton uses a push shoe to safely feed a piece of plywood through the table saw.

Mason double-checks a cut before sending it through the table saw.

Charles keeps his full concentration on the table saw while making a cut.


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