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Helping to train in Ebb and Flow

Helping to train in Ebb and Flow

Written On: 17 August, 2015
Category: Adult Education Contract Training Indigenous Community Partnerships
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For the community of Ebb and Flow First Nation, years of partnering with Assiniboine Community College continue to pay off.

“It’s good, it’s very good to build bridges and build partnerships,” says Chief Nelson Houle. “That’s the way to get ahead.”

One of the most recent successes was a class of 14 students who graduated in spring in Ebb and Flow with their Comprehensive Health Care Aide certificates and are now at work in personal care homes in nearby communities.

“They really enjoy the work, it’s really challenging but really rewarding,” says Lillian Houle, Health Director at the Ebb and Flow First Nation Health Authority. “I think most of them were destined to do that type of work — they’re caring and compassionate.”

Lillian, who knew all of the students in the program, says she saw a lot of them become more mature as they earned their certification.

Now, she’s also shepherding a new class through an Applied Counselling certificate in Ebb and Flow. They’re just four classes in, on their way to a December 2016 graduation.

“We’re just getting started,” she says. “It’s going really good.”

That class, intended for just 15, is crammed with 25 eager students, and the community has many more people who want in.

“People are still phoning!” she exclaims. “There is a demand for nurses and health care aides, and especially Applied Counselling.”

Chief Houle explains that some of the reason might be financial.

“Out of 19 of the top-paying jobs here, 17 are in the medical field,” he says. But that’s not the only reason he supports partnering with ACC. “We’re helping our own, and we’re investing in the future.”

It’s an easy investment to make, Lillian says, especially with the support available at ACC.

After three years of discussions, the recent health-care aide certificate was able to move ahead when new government funding became available. ACC’s experience in writing successful proposals was instrumental in securing the money needed to run the program.

“(ACC is) very easy to work with and flexible,” Lillian says.

It’s important, she adds, that the programs be delivered at home in Ebb and Flow.

“With the program being delivered right in the community, it eliminates the travel,” she says — an important consideration for students who are single parents with kids at home, and who can’t leave them behind for a lengthy commute. “That’s a big part of why so many people have been successful.”

With ACC and Ebb and Flow closing in on 10 years of successful partnerships, there are likely hundreds of graduates in the community, including many with mature Grade 12, as well as licensed practical nurses, health care aides and construction electricians.

“This is an ACC community,” says Lorraine Johnson, ACC’s Chair of Contract Training. “We have a ton of alumni in Ebb and Flow!”

There’s more in the hopper, too. Coming up, Johnson says, is a new continuing-intake program for mature student high school studies, helping people earn their high school diplomas from September through June.

Assiniboine Community College is committed to working with Aboriginal groups and communities across Manitoba. This is the first in a series to highlight some of our proud partnerships. Call us! 1.800.862.6307, ext. 7019. Let's discuss programming needs and funding possibilities for your community.

ABOVE: Students in Assiniboine Community College’s current Applied Counselling certificate program in Ebb and Flow posed for this photo earlier this month. In back: Caroline Houle, Florence Ross, Joanne Mousseau, Tanya Racette, Stacy Beaulieu, Tyrone Desjarlais, Amber Houle, Susan Houle, Sheena Desjarlais, John Houle, Charlene Roulette, Natalie Mousseau, Sylvia Houle, Patrick Desjarlais and instructor Shawna Houle. Kneeling are: Sheila Malcolm, Phyllis Racette, Kathleen Desjarlais, Donna Malcolm, Evelyn Racette, and Christina Desjarlais. Missing: Shauna McCauley, Glen McCauley, Mervin Thompson and Mandy Thompson

ABOVE: Proud ACC graduates from the most-recent class in Ebb and Flow, a Comprehensive Health Care Aide certi cate, this past spring. In back: Donna Racette, Ariel Anderson, Marikza Ahmo, Tricia Mousseau, Jodie Hunter, Sheila Flett. In front: Lorrie Beaulieu, Lena Houle, Jenilee Flett, Cheryl Malcolm, Trevor Baptiste, Marlena Racette, Kathy Cochrane.

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