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Parkland’s first net-zero energy home opens its doors

Parkland’s first net-zero energy home opens its doors

Written On: 16 May, 2019
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Construction is complete and finishing touches underway, as a new super energy efficient home in Dauphin—a home designed to generate at least as much energy as it consumes—prepares to open its doors to the public next Thursday.

Through a combination of innovative design and construction, extremely efficient heating and cooling systems and state-of-the-art solar panels, the house is expected to generate at least as much energy as it consumes. The result: a home with energy bills that should, over the course of a typical year, add up to zero.

One of the first in Manitoba, the ‘Net Zero’ home was built by Assiniboine Community College carpentry students (under faculty supervision) at the Dauphin Co-op Building Centre’s Ready-to-Move site. It was then moved to its final address at 135 Edgar Avenue where local contractors completed the work.

“This is an exciting initiative on a number of levels,” said City of Dauphin Community Energy Manager Steve Sobering. “Net Zero building will eventually become the standard in Canada and for early adopters there are many benefits both financial and environmental. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more and more of this kind of efficiency in new home builds in the future.

“And, as we often do in the Parkland, we’re making it happen by working together,” he continued. “Collaboration has been key to this project, with critical support coming from Fusion Credit Union, Dauphin Co-op Home Centre and Manitoba Hydro, as well as the City of Dauphin and Natural Resources Canada.”

“We’re thrilled that our carpentry students have had this unique learning opportunity, thanks to the generous support of the federal government and partners in Dauphin,” said ACC president Mark Frison. “This is a terrific example of what collaboration can offer and we believe this project will demonstrate how smart investments in energy efficient homes make economic sense, not only in the Parkland Region, but across Canada.”

Fusion Credit Union CEO Ron Hedley agrees.

“There are benefits everywhere,” he said. “All the materials and talent were sourced locally, and ACC students have gained first-hand experience in building to net-zero standards, which will serve them extremely well as they embark on their careers.

“Beyond that, as a lender I can really appreciate the advantage a homeowner will have in paying down their mortgage when there is no energy bill to worry about,” he added. “Net Zero homes have the potential to actually make life a little bit better, financially. We’re proud to be part of getting this first one built and look forward to many more.”

“The home will be listed for sale in the coming weeks, with proceeds going to support the next sustainability project in the Parkland,” Sobering said. “Concern for the environment is growing, and we’ll continue to explore all kinds of possibilities for our community to be part of the solution.”

Thursday’s open house will offer tours of the home beginning at 10:00 am, with official ribbon cutting at 12:30 pm. Guests can grab lunch at a community BBQ in support of the Dauphin Kids of Mud mountain biking group.

In the spirit of sustainability, and to alleviate parking challenges, visitors to the open house are encouraged to walk or cycle. The event is open to all.

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