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Carpentry grad building a solid foundation in Westman

Carpentry grad building a solid foundation in Westman

Written On: 09 August, 2019
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Scott Jamieson remembers the first time he saw his wife in the halls at Assiniboine Community College. Twenty years later, together they’re reshaping the landscape of western Manitoba as one of the area’s premier concrete and construction companies.

If you asked Scott Jamieson what the fondest memory of his time at Assiniboine was, he wouldn’t hesitate." It was meeting my wife," he said. When asked what her reaction was at the time? "She shut me down," he said with a laugh. That partnership has since endured twenty years.

Jamieson is a graduate of the Carpentry and Woodworking program (’98). Establishing Jamieson Construction represents his life-long goal to be self-employed in an industry he loves. The company is one of the foremost concrete foundation and construction companies in the region, employing five regular staff as well as many seasonal workers.

Following graduation from Assiniboine, he moved around for a couple of years gaining experience in the industry, always mindful of his vision to return to the Wheat City to go into business for himself. In 2003, Jamieson realized his dream, and since then, he has never looked back.

"When I first started my company, it was a struggle in learning how to run a business," he said. But that struggle and the lessons learned positioned him for success, and after sixteen years in business, he credits a measure of his success to his time at Assiniboine.

"ACC was a fantastic experience, I loved the campus, and I love what they are doing now. I had a great college experience; I spent time on student council and learned so much. If anyone is considering a trade or college, Assiniboine is a fantastic choice," he said.

As Jamieson Construction has grown, so has the nature of their work. Initially focused on smaller-scale builds, the company has since transitioned to concrete work and full-scale construction, something Jamieson takes particular pride in.

"I enjoy going by a property we constructed or a foundation we built,” says Scott. In fact, his enjoyment for seeing the work of his hands is so great that his family live in one of the many houses the company built over the years.

In the early years, being self-employed was not a smooth journey. "I wish I would have done some business administration courses after graduation. It would have helped me set up my company properly," said Scott.

It was through recognizing that need, and his expanding family, that Scott’s wife, Mindy, joined the company fold full-time in 2014. She now oversees the administration of Jamieson Construction, freeing Scott up to continue working to grow the business and make connections that are invaluable to building their brand.

Mindy had a similar experience to Scott during her time at Assiniboine. A graduate of the Office Administration program (’99), Mindy liked the hands-on aspect of the course work at college. Now parents to two young boys, Hudson and Jasper, Scott and Mindy find balance in working together in the family-owned business.

Scott fondly remembers his time as a student and how it helped to ready him for a busy career.

"I wanted to learn as much as possible in a short period. I took pre-employment, so I could take steps toward becoming self-employed," he said. "When you walk on a job site you want to know already what to do. I got that experience from Assiniboine, and I continue to use that experience to this day."

"When we are looking at hiring, we look for graduates of the program (at Assiniboine). It gives you a jump start,” said Scott.  “It sounds simple now, but we wouldn't hire someone who doesn't have an idea of what is needed, which is why the learning Assiniboine provides is a huge benefit."

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