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ACC’s Parkland Campus hosts housewarming party

ACC’s Parkland Campus hosts housewarming party

Written On: 21 May, 2014
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Related programs:  Carpentry and Woodworking

ACC held a housewarming party earlier today in Dauphin. The event celebrated the work of students and instructors—in partnership with sponsors, suppliers and subcontractors—to construct a two-bedroom, 1,080 square foot ready-to-move (RTM) bungalow.

This is the seventh year that students in the Carpentry and Woodworking program at the college’s Parkland Campus have constructed a home, having started the annual program component in 2007.

“This project gives students the opportunity to have real, hands-on experience in building a home from start to finish,” said Gabe Mercier, Director at Parkland Campus. “It’s a true ‘Learn by Doing’ approach that our instructors guide these students through.”

Dauphin Co-op Home Builders will sell the home at $5,000 above the cost to build. The $5,000 surplus will be donated back to ACC’s Parkland Campus for student scholarships, merit awards and to provide assistance to graduating students to purchase tools as they begin their careers.

ACC extends gratitude to Dauphin Co-op Home Builders for their annual support, supplying materials for the home, monitoring the construction of the home on their ready-to-move site and the hiring of subcontractors.

The college also recognizes the suppliers and subcontractors who came together to complete the home: Lacquette Construction, Korotash Electric, Steiner Plumbing & Heating, Dauphin Decorating, Pleasant Valley Cabinets and the building inspector for the City of Dauphin, Dave Derkach. 

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