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AIIIM 2018 will consist of sessions focused on the following broad topic areas:

  • Institution-wide approaches to academic integrity, including topics related to the importance of academic integrity, promotion of academic integrity to students and academic staff, and policies and procedures.
  • Academic integrity in the contexts of internationalization and Indigenization, in how concepts such as academic integrity, plagiarism, and citing may be considered from a variety of cultural viewpoints.
  • Faculty support for academic integrity, including topics related to teaching experiences around academic integrity, structuring courses/curricula to support academic integrity, and conversations about academic misconduct with students.
  • Student support for academic integrity, including topics related to what instructors should know about how and why students do and do not cheat, the value of libraries as a student resource, and issues that students from abroad face on our campuses.


The Lead Presentation of each session will be approximately 20 minutes in length with 5-10 minutes for questions. Technical provisions such as audio/video systems, laptops, screens will be available for lead presentations.

Cracker Barrel Session consists of a mini-session that is presented three times in a 60-minute session. The presenter of each mini-session will introduce a topic (in a 5-10-minute presentation), and will then facilitate a 10-minute discussion about the topic. Participants will be invited to comment and ask questions. After 20 minutes, participants will move to another table to listen to another presenter and participate in a new discussion. Each presenter will present their topic and facilitate a discussion three times within one session. Three presenters will be selected for each of three cracker barrel sessions.  Audio/video systems, laptops, screens will not be available for cracker barrel sessions. If you plan to use your laptop, please ensure it is charged prior to your session. Wi-Fi will be available.



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