Hotel & Restaurant Management student greets guests at the Great Grey Owl Restaurant

Great Grey Owl Restaurant

Arguably one of Brandon's most anticipated events of the year, our annual Great Grey Owl restaurant is a symphony of sights, smells and flavours.

Plated dish from great grey owl restaurant

The year at our Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts (MICA) culminates with the four-week Great Grey Owl fine dining restaurant. Students and faculty come together to present a fusion of nouvelle and classic cuisine in the historic Great Grey Owl dining room. This annual tradition has enthralled the community for years with table reservations selling out within hours of phone lines opening.

Culinary Arts and Baking Foundations students present a stunning menu to members of the public while Hotel and Restaurant Management students practice their hospitality skills with tableside service. Offering this student-run event provides a practical component to both programs. It's one of the tastiest 'learn by doing' experiences at the college.

If you are a non-profit inquiring about a table for fundraising efforts, please refer to the bottom of this page.

Guests should park in the South parking lot. If space is unavailable, please park in the Len Evans parking lot. For parking, please refer to our North Hill campus map. Note: there is no shuttle service available.

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Every MICA event is organized by students and faculty, providing a practical component to our Culinary Arts, Baking Foundations, and Hotel and Restaurant Management programs.

You can call 204.725.8738 or 800.862.6307 ext 6516 once the phone lines open for each of our MICA events.

For general event information, please call 204.725.8741 at any time.

Great Grey Owl Reservation Requests for Fundraising

If your non-profit organization or community group is interested in requesting a complimentary reservation for 8 to the Great Grey Owl restaurant in a future year for your fundraising efforts, please refer to the Application for Donation form available below as either a PDF or a Word document.