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Certificate in Adult Education (CAE)

As a condition of employment, all Assiniboine Community College instructors agree to complete the Certificate in Adult Education program. This program consists of 10 courses and a practicum. It is a 33-credit hour program designed to develop skills in teaching adults in an applied learning setting.

The goals of the CAE program are to promote excellence in the teaching of adults and provide instructors with the theoretical and practical basis for becoming effective in a college or vocational setting.

Through the prior learning and assessment process (PLAR), credits may be granted in the CAE program for professional education course work at a post-secondary level, or a combination of education and work experience.

Recognition for prior learning can be given through the following processes:

  • Course credit transfer on the basis of completion of courses, within the last seven years, in a post-secondary program with similar content/learning outcomes to courses in the CAE program.
  • Portfolio or challenge documentation (through a portfolio) of prior learning through courses, training and/or work experience that resulted in achieving the learning outcomes for courses in the CAE program.

Upon successful completion of this course work and the equivalent of 200 hours of experience teaching in adult programs, two certificates are granted, one by the Manitoba Minister of Advanced Education and Literacy and one by Red River College.

For information about the CAE program at Assiniboine, please contact cli@assiniboine.net

To obtain further information about the Certificate in Adult Education program at Red River College, click on the link below.

Certificate in Adult Education