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Co-op Work Placement

Create unique learning opportunities for students

Thank you for your interest in hiring Assiniboine Community College students. Here at the college we believe that Co-op Work Placement is one of the most influential opportunities that a student can participate in, and we are excited to partner with you in this experience. Co-op Work Placement provides students with a unique opportunity to gain experience and skills that would be difficult to receive in the classroom.

Co-op Work Placement is also beneficial for the employer. We offer employment solutions by having over 200 talented summer and graduating students looking for work. We offer free services to employers such as job postings, interviews, career fairs, and information nights. Co-op students are trained in cover letters, resumés, and interviews in order to provide employers with a professional recruitment experience.


Hiring is easy

  1. Email your job posting. Please include the job description, the application process, and closing date.
  2. Schedule an interview on campus.
  3. Hire the candidate of your choice.

We're always interested in creating new employer partnerships. If you know of a person or of an organization that we should be in contact with please forward the information to one of the following co-op coordinators:

James Ellis
Co-op Coordinator, School of Business, Agriculture & Environment
(204) 725-8700 ext 6197


Requirements & Expectation

For the employer

  • The employer is expected to provide a work experience that matches the provided job posting as closely as possible.
  • The immediate supervisor of the student is required to provide the student with a mid-point and a final evaluation.
  • The employer is expected not to layoff the student during the work experience.

For the student

  • The student is required to complete four work placement assignments on their time.
  • The student is expected to fulfill the duration of their work commitment.
  • The student is expected to put forth their best effort in the placement.


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