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Great Teacher Seminar

Prairie Region Great Teacher Seminar

Dates: May 13 - 16, 2019

RRC will host the 17th Annual Great Teacher Seminar at the Elkhorn Resort and Spa in beautiful Riding Mountain National Park, the format of this retreat is purposely unstructured, and evolves from an ongoing assessment of participant needs.

The Prairie Region Great Teachers Seminar is a three-day intensive seminar that provides an opportunity to learn about and reflect on the challenges faced by educators in post-secondary institutions. It is attended by educators from Assiniboine Community College, Red River College, University College of the North and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST).

Participants learn from each other through discussion and exploration of teaching strategies, innovations, problems and solutions. The theme underlying all seminar activities is the perpetual challenge to identify the characteristics of the Great Teacher.

Pre-conference assignments are required. You will be asked to write a one-page paper drawn from your experience in your teaching environment. Full participation in all the workshops is expected. If you cannot commit fully to the entire seminar, we suggest you attend another year.

For more information, contact: Lynn Cliplef

The Great Teacher Seminar was founded in Illinois in 1969 by David Gottshall, a college educator. He was motivated by his desire to be a great teacher. Today, there are seminars throughout North American and beyond. Each follows the same format and provides participants with a unique professional development experience.

“In the search for professional excellence, there is so much more beyond a teaching field or an educational specialization that one must know, understand, and believe in … The Great Teacher Seminar provides an opportunity for educators to live and share for an extended period of time with peers representing a wide range of specialties, talents, experiences and interests.”

∽David Gottshall,
Founder, National Great Teachers Movement

Prairie Region Great Teacher Seminar 2019 Brochure