Health Insurance FAQ | Assiniboine Community College
Health Insurance FAQ

Q: What health insurance will I receive?

A: 1) for "primary care": doctor/clinic visits, hospital care, emergency treatment. Click here for coverage and claims information. AND

2) Student VIP for "extended care", services not covered by Click here for coverage and claims information.  This is a service of your Students’ Association.

Q: How do I pay for the insurance? 

A: The college will add the fees to your account: $712.50 for and $240 for Student VIP.  The college collects these fees and sends the money to the two insurance companies on students' behalf.  These fees are for 12 months and will be valid even if you stop being a student during this time.

Q: Is the insurance required?

A: Yes. ALL international students must purchase health insurance. If you are hurt or become ill, healthcare in Canada is very, very expensive, so you must have insurance.

Q: Can I get insurance from another company, and not pay these fees?

A: Generally, no. The ONLY exceptions are if you can prove you have 1) Manitoba Health (MHSC) coverage (usually based on a spouse’s independent work permit) or 2) Manitoba (as a result of attending another Manitoba school).  Provide written proof to Assiniboine International within 30 days of's start date.

Student VIP: You will need to prove equivalent coverage within the "opt-out" period.  Contact the Assiniboine Community College Students' Association for more information.

Q: When does my coverage start?

A: This will vary by program start date. For programs which began on August 27, 2018, your coverage started September 1, 2018 and lasts for 12 months.

Q: Will I get a card? 

A: Yes. Assiniboine will send a list of registered students approximately 30 days after the program start date. will then email each student their card and information about coverage and claims. For programs which started August 27, 2019, Assiniboine will send the list on October 1 and will send each student their card a few days later.

Q: I haven't received my card yet.  I need to go to the doctor.  What should I do?

A: Go to the doctor. You may need to pay the doctor, but keep the receipt (proof of payment). When you receive your card, use that receipt to claim money back from using their website.

Q: What happens if I don't pay the insurance fee?

A: You will still have the health coverage. However, the college will need to use your tuition payments to pay the insurance company, so you will then owe the unpaid amount to the college as tuition. 

If you have any unpaid tuition as a result, you cannot register for new courses, apply to a new program, receive a letter of enrollment or completion, receive a transcript, or graduate from your program.