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Housing & Transportation

Your college experience will be more successful if you have a quiet, comfortable and affordable place to live.  We strongly encourage all students to search for housing early, and even consider moving in August 1 or 15 so you have some time to settle before classes begin in September.  Brandon's housing availability is tight, especially when all the college and university students are arriving in September!  The college does not have a student residence or housing, or a homestay program, but please see some options below. 

Brandon University Residence

Brandon University welcomes ACC students in modern residences located approximately three kilometres from the college. There are good bus connections between Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College. For further details on the residence, see their website here or contact the Brandon University Housing Office at 204.727.7394.

You will be paying for a room and for a meal plan.  However, BU Residence charges ACC students a lower meal plan fee, because ACC students must be at ACC at lunchtime.  The residence is furnished, so you do not need to buy and transport furniture and household supplies. In addition, living in residence gives you more opportunities to meet other students, especially in the evenings and on weekends when there are no college classes.

Note: That if you sign a contract to live in residence, you are making a commitment to be there for at least four months and maybe the entire academic year. Substantial financial penalties may be applicable if you leave early. Please discuss this fully with Brandon University residence staff so you understand this before you sign a contract.

Student Services Resources 

We have listings of private accommodations, updated frequently. Some private landlords list their suites/rooms/room and boards with us. Assiniboine Community College does not endorse or supervise any of the listings. To receive a copy, email  studentservices@assiniboine.net

The Brandon Sun classified ads also have up-to-date listings of available accommodations in Brandon.

Other Brandon Resources

The City of Brandon has launched a FREE web-based Rental Availability Directory. You can view those listings here.

eBrandon offers an online listing of houses and apartments for rent can be found under their Classifieds section.

Things you should consider BEFORE you start looking:

  • Your budget.
  • Brandon Transit information at brandontransit.ca
  • Your family size or number of roommates.
  • Availability of quiet study space.

Things you should consider WHILE you are looking:

  • What is included in the rental fee? Parking? Utilities? Appliances? Furniture?
  • When is rent due each month?
  • Do you have to sign a lease?
  • Does the landlord live in the same building? If not, where can you reach him/her?
  • Are the appliances functioning properly?
  • Is anything damaged?
  • Do the door/window locks work properly?
  • If you own large pieces of furniture, will they fit through the doorways and down hallways when you are moving in or out?
  • If you have any physical disabilities or medical conditions, will this place be comfortable and safe for your needs?
  • Are fire extinguishers provided?
  • Do you control the temperature?
  • How soundproof is the building?
  • How close are stores and services (i.e. grocery stores, bus stops, etc.)?
  • Are there laundry services on site or nearby?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is smoking allowed?

Are there any other restrictions on you? Ask lots of questions! The landlord should be more than willing to answer them and help you in your quest for housing.

Bus Pass

Thanks to the Assiniboine Community College Students’ Association and Brandon Transit, all Assiniboine students in Brandon can receive a free bus pass for up to one year. This allows unlimited travel in the city of Brandon, seven days a week, on Brandon Transit’s regular schedule. A bus route stops at all three Brandon campuses. For more information, see Brandon Transit’s route schedules.


ACC, Brandon University and eBrandon are also working together to bring you a free carpooling service.  Check ebrandon.ca to see who is looking for a "pooling" pal or post your own ad.  We have also compiled a list of Carpooling Etiquette tips to make your experience a pleasant one.

Driving in Canada

See Manitoba Public Insurance website here for information about getting a driver's license.  Internaitonal students of most countries will be required to write and pass a knowledge test and road test.  DO NOT DRIVE WITHOUT A VALID LICENSE. 

If you own a vehicle, you must also have insurance.  Start here on the Manitoba Public Insurance website.


City of Brandon

Brandon is a city of 50,000 friendly people in Southwestern Manitoba. The nearest large centre is Winnipeg (population 700,000), which is 200 km east on Highway 1.

Brandon has a college and a university, two medium-sized shopping centres, a multi-screen cinema, and other services. Public transportation is available throughout the city, seven days a week. We think we have all the amenities—but people coming from large cities may find it very quiet.

Medical care is readily available throughout the city during regular business hours and after hours. 

The college has a library and Brandon has a public library in the Town Centre mall, which is located downtown. You can borrow reference books, fiction, non-fiction, movies and music or book a public computer. To obtain a library card, have a piece of identification with your Brandon address on it when you visit the library.

Located next to the library on the second floor of the Town Centre Mall is the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba.

When your studying is done, why not find something fun to do? In Brandon there are numerous places to find amusement. Check out Brandon Economic Development to find what concerts, exhibitions, movies and theatre are happening around the city. Or, find out why Canadians are so passionate about their hockey, by going to a Brandon Wheat Kings game when they are playing at the Keystone Centre.

Right in the college is a games room which is open to all students. Thunderbird Bowl, the city’s only bowling alley is located at the south end of 18th St., and has 5- and 10-pin bowling. There are numerous places to get your exercise also. The college has its own small weight room, the YMCA is located downtown, the Sportsplex is located in the north of the city, and Brandon University has a Healthy Living Centre open to the community. Why not check out the various parks and walking/biking paths that you will find around the city?

There are many places to worship all over the city of Brandon.

Brandon's air service is currently limited to one flight per day, from Calgary, Alberta on Westjet Airlines.  We are served by Greyhound Bus Lines and the Brandon Shuttle, which include regularly scheduled trips to the Winnipeg International Airport.

Brandon links

City of Brandon

Here are some links to help you find things you need in the city. This list includes grocery stores, malls, services in the community, and specialty shops. If there is something that is not on the list that you are looking for, the Yellow Pages or ebrandon.ca can be handy to learn where to get a haircut, eat a meal, or have a laptop fixed.

Brandon Economic Development
Manitoba Hydro
Post office
Shopper’s Mall

Specialty Grocery Stores

Karla’s International Foods – 937 Rosser Ave
Living Delight – 601 9th St

Grocery Stores

Superstore – 9th St & Victoria Ave, Brandon
Safeway – Corral Centre, 18th St N, Brandon
Sobeys – 1570 18th St, (Shopper's Mall) & 3409 Victoria Ave, Brandon
Walmart – Corral Centre, 18th St N, Brandon

City of Dauphin

A very small number of international students may choose a program at our Parkland Campus in Dauphin, Manitoba. Dauphin is a very small city with approximately 10,000 people. Dauphin is approximately a 2 hour drive from Brandon (50,000 people) and a 4 hour drive from the closest large city, Winnipeg (650,000 people). 

Dauphin has doctors and a hospital, a small shopping mall, and food stores and restaurants.

Parkland Crossing reserves space for Parkland Campus students until September each year, and then the rooms are available to the general public. This is a small residence with single rooms and shared kitchen and bath. Each room contains a single bed, small fridge and dresser. Rooms range in price. The contact phone number is 204-638-3333. The address is 220 Whitmore Ave W..  Parkland Crossing is approximately 3 km from the campus; there is no bus service between the two. Taxi cabs between Parkland Crossing and the campus cost about $8 one way.

The other housing options would be to find a room or room with meals in a family’s private home, or to find and furnish an apartment on your own.  The campus is on the outer part of the city and therefore walking distance from only some homes/apartments—it could be difficult to find a place to live and walk to college, if you don’t have a car.

The campus is very small also—we have about 100-125 students each year only. Staff at Parkland offer good support, but they are not “international” staff.  For questions about anything specific to international students, e-mail Assiniboine International staff in Brandon at international@assiniboine.net.