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Your Next Steps

After we receive your complete application, if you meet all requirements and there is a seat in the program, we will send an acceptance letter and a "Student Information..." form to attach to your study permit application.

If your letter of acceptance says something different than you read below, follow the letter of acceptance.  Follow ALL of the requests on your letter of acceptance, and any other mail we send to you.

Here's what you should do next:

1) Apply for your study permit as soon as possible.  Application forms and all the details for applying for your permit can be found in the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website.  The processing time can vary depending on the country and individual circumstances.  

If your study permit is approved, please send us a copy of the letter authorizing your study permit.

If your study permit is denied, please send us a copy of that letter to request a refund. 

Our letter of acceptance will specify a deadline for your study permit.  If you have not received an answer from IRCC by that date, please contact us to discuss options.  Whether we can "save" your seat will depend on a number of factors, including whether there is a waiting list for the program.

2) If our letter of acceptance requests a tuition deposit, pay it by the date requested.  If you do not, you risk losing your seat in the program.  NOTE:  The deposit, minus a $100 processing fee, is refunded ONLY if you can prove your study permit application was denied.  Click here for informaiton about payment methods.  NOTE: MyACC is not a payment method for you now; it is available only after we register you in classes (see #9 below).

3) If you would like to request credit for previous education (to reduce coursework and fees at Assiniboine), please see our FAQ on this topic.  Do this as early as possible, as the process can take a number of months and must be complete before the relevant classes start.

4) In about mid-July each year, ACC will register students who have confirmed study permit approval.  We will send you information about this at that time.  In most programs, you do not "choose" courses in the first year of your program, so we register all students in the same courses. We will contact you if you can choose any of your courses.

5) Make travel arrangements to arrive before the first day of your program. International Orientation is a REQUIRED part of all programs. 

6) Arrange a place to live.  For more information on housing in Brandon, visit the housing page on this website.

7) Plan for additional costs:

a) ACC requires for primary health care (doctor/hospital) and Student VIP for extended health care (dental/vision/prescriptions). Cost of the insurance premiums will be $952.50 for a full year of insurance for a single student.  The college will invoice you for these premiums and send the funds to the insurance company on your behalf.  This cost will be payable before the first day of college.  See FAQs here.

b) All programs will require some textbooks and supplies, costs NOT included in tuition and NOT payable to the college.  These can be very expensive in Canada.  Some, but not all, will be required in the first week of college.  Without these books or supplies, you likely could not pass courses.  Click here to see these estimated costs for your program.

If you can find the correct textbook at a lower cost, you can purchase it elsewhere; however, be sure you are buying the correct textbook, including the correct edition. Note also that many textbooks include a PIN to use an online resource, so used textbooks often will not help you.

8) Bring your original hard copy foreign documents (transcripts and English language test results) to Brandon for verification.  Assiniboine staff must compare these with scanned application documents. 

If you were attending an institution in Canada, bring or mail the most up to date original, official transcript for our files.  This transcript would be the "final" transcript from that institution, NOT an "interim" or "in progress" transcript. 

Assiniboine cannot conform your registration or provide an enrollment letter until we verify your original documents. If you do not provide these documents by the first day of the program, you risk losing your seat in the program.

9) Pay your tuition fees. When we register you in classes, you will receive log-in information for your ACC computer account and the MyACC information portal.  When you log in to MyACC, you will see the exact fees. See payment methods here.

Arrival Planning

See our pre-arrival information here.  You'll find helpful information about preparing to travel to Canada, finding a place to live, and many practical questions like how to get a driver's license.

During your first few days (International Orientation), you can provide your original documents, confirm your registration, obtain a schedule, pay your fees, get a student card and computer account, tour the college and meet college staff and students in your program. You will learn much more about how to be successful in your program and about supports and facilities for you.  And we will have some fun, so you can make more friends at college!

Attending International Orientation will make your college experience much less stressful.  If you believe you cannot arrive by the first day of your program, contact Assiniboine International as early as possible (email to discuss. 

If you do not arrive on the first day of your program, and have not contacted us before that day to discuss, we will believe you are not coming and we reserve the right to cancel your seat and offer it to someone on the waiting list.

Please contact us at if for some reason you will not attend Assiniboine Community College, or if you are unsure whether you can arrive before the first day of your program.


Before you start at Assiniboine Community College complete the checklist to be sure you are prepared.

  1. I have satisfied all the college admission requirements by the deadline date.
  2. I have an updated passport to cover the length of the college program.
  3. I have received my study permit and sent a copy to
  4. If I want to request credit for previous education, I am doing the necessary paperwork as early as possible.
  5. I have booked a flight or other transportation to Brandon and will arrive for orientation starting August 27.
  6. I have found a place to live.  I can pay or have paid the damage deposit and first month’s rent.
  7. I can submit original transcripts (both my home country and Canadian) and English test documents.
  8. I have paid my first term tuition.
  9. I have my books/supplies or can pay for them as soon as I arrive.
  10. I have transportation to college each day.
  11. I am ready to purchase health insurance.

When you arrive in Manitoba, you are welcome to email with questions or see us in Room 145, 1430 Victoria Avenue East, Brandon campus.