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Commercial Manure Applicator

Duration/Start: Various dates, March/April

Credential: Workshop/Seminar

This program prepares students to write the examinations required for licensing as Commercial Manure Applicator or Off-farm Manure Applicator. Licensing is through Manitoba Agriculture.

Manure applicator licensing is required under the Manure Amendment to the Pesticides and Fertilizers Control Act. There are two classes of licenses:

Commercial Manure Applicator (CMA) - a person who transports and/or applies manure for payment 

Off-farm Manure Applicator - a person or group whose livestock operations must file a Manure Management Plan under the Environmental Act (300 or more animals) and who applies at least a portion of the manure to land not owned or leased by their operation. 

This course is hosted annually in Winnipeg in late March/April.




Fast Facts

Duration/Start Various dates, March/April

Credential Workshop/Seminar

Credits 0.00

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery Yes

International Students No

Study Options
Distance Education

More info about Commercial Manure Applicator

Livestock operations that use a licensed commercial manure applicator to transport and apply all their manure, as well as small-scale operations (under 300 animals) do not require a license. 

To qualify for a license, a commercial or off-farm applicator must successfully complete a manure applicator course and provide proof of liability insurance.

These courses provide the knowledge to apply manure safely and effectively to enhance the farm operation. They help applicators address the concerns of the public, governments and farmers who are demanding proof that manure is applied in a manner that is safe to the environment, safe to beneficial organisms and safe to the applicators, and that ensures the safety of food and people.

A candidate who has passed the appropriate exam will receive notification and a license application form to be completed and sent, with the license fee, to Manitoba Agriculture. Assiniboine Community College will forward exam results directly to Manitoba Agriculture. Licenses are valid from date of issue to December 31st of that year. Applicators must renew their licenses annually using the license renewal form provided by MB Ag.

Commercial Manure Applicator (CMA)

Every year the Commercial Manure Applicator workshop and exam is hosted in Winnipeg in late March / April.

Please check this webpage after Dec. 1st/17 for the 2018 date.

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