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Courses And Costs

To graduate with a Horticultural Production certificate, students must successfully complete 63 academic credits and 3 practical credits.

Costs listed are for domestic students. International students should refer to our 'Estimated Fees for International Students' sheet on the International Students Costs webpage.

*Costs are approximate and may change.

  • Year 1

    • Course ID Title Credits/CEUs Study

    • Legend: D - Distance Education, P - PLAR, E - Elective

      HLTH-0030 1st Aid - Emergency 0 credit(s)
      This course includes first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guidelines 2005 and meets Occupational Health and Safety regulations, the minimum standard regulations for basic first aid. Simple first aid and CPR techniques are taught in an interactive environment, for individuals who want an overview of first aid and CPR for the workplace or home. The course covers skills needed to recognize, prevent and respond to cardiovascular emergencies for adults, CPR, and other topics such as choking, airway and breathing emergencies, and prevention of disease transmission. Required CPR level (B, C or HCP) is included in this course. Participants who meet the required standard receive a nationally recognized certification that is valid for three years. Texbook included in cost of tuition.

      BUSN-0158 Business Skills 6 credit(s)
      The horticulture industry requires individuals who possess essential business skills and practices to manage horticultural operations and processes. In this course students learn and evaluate the essential skills required for successful operations at a horticultural workplace and commitment necessary to successfully operate and encounter challenges of a horticultural business. Students will learn about personal and interpersonal skills, decision-making processes, and be able to demonstrate their capacity to develop and execute business strategies.

      AGRC-0283 Food Safety and Security 6 credit(s)
      Students will learn about food safety and food security by focusing on quality control and on safe and sustainable production practices. Students will explore social, ecological, and economic principles of sustainability within the context of food production systems. They will critically analyse the relationships among specific components of industrial agricultural systems, including soil, water, climate change, plant genetic resources, resource management and genetically modified foods. Students will evaluate traditional and contemporary food systems and their implications for food security and sustainability.

      AGRC-0242 Greenhouse Operations & Mgmt. 6 credit(s)
      This course examines the sustainable production, handling and marketing of greenhouse-grown vegetables, herbs and floricultural crops in season and year-round greenhouse operations. Topics include environment control systems, planning and planting schedule, media control and plant management, water systems, composting, water nutrient capture, cleaning and sanitation.

      AGRC-0258 Growing Media 6 credit(s)
      This course will introduce students to the nature and properties of various growing media including soil, soilless, hydroponic, compost mix and other media substrates. Students will learn about soil water relationships and physical, chemical and biological properties of soil that influence plant growth. Students will perform various soil tests to examine the effect of growing media properties such as pH, electrical conductivity, salinity, and movement and retention of water.

      AGRC-0285 Horticultural Industry 6 credit(s)
      This course enables students to explore and gain experience in industry-specific skills while visiting horticultural related industries/businesses throughout this course. In this course students will learn procedures and operations, practices and processes, and explore ways of enhancing sustainability in food production systems. Students will also examine issues related to the horticultural industry, learn about safe and healthy working practices, industry standards and codes, and explore career opportunities. The knowledge and skills acquired in this course will prepare students for skilled work placement in the horticulture industry.

      AGRC-0247 Horticultural IPM 6 credit(s)
      Principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) are introduced and include identifying, monitoring, forecasting and managing environmental and pest conditions that impact horticulture crops including weeds, viruses, bacteria, phytoplasmas, fungi, algae, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods and rodents. Students learn to diagnose problems, provide solutions and predict how the manipulation of growing conditions impact other factors. Topics include basic chemistry, legislation and regulations, labelling, toxicity, handling practices, environmental protection, application equipment, emergency response and public relations.

      AGRC-0279 Horticultural Methods 6 credit(s)
      This course provides hands-on practical experience in methods and techniques used in horticultural crop production systems. Students learn about field tillage and land preparation methods and practices, experimental methods and techniques used for crop evaluation, crop improvement, and plant propagation methods. Students also learn about propagated plant growth and agronomic requirements, plant development and plant stress management.

      SCIE-0074 Horticultural Science 6 credit(s)
      This foundation course deals with details of morphology, physiology and taxonomy of plants. Students learn how structures and processes affect overall plant growth and response to the surrounding environment. Students will develop good knowledge on the basic botany of plant species and plant identification techniques. Also, students will be able to describe the functions of the various plant parts in relation to food production, reproduction, aesthetic value, environmental impact, and how they are manipulated by biotic and abiotic factors.

      AGRC-0286 Nursery/Ornamental Hort 6 credit(s)
      This course will enable students to learn about general production methods and management techniques for field and container grown nursery and ornamental crops including annuals, trees, shrubs and perennial plants. The course will also focus on the production practices of selected potted and cut flower crops grown in greenhouses. Students will perform various propagation techniques including seeding, micropropagation, cuttings, grafting, division, layering, and propagation through specialized plant parts. The course will also provide information on principles of landscape design using different plant materials.

      PRAC-0264 Practicum - HRTPR 3 credit(s)
      This course requires a minimum of 120 hours of horticulture related experience. The work practicum is subject to approval of and monitoring by a faculty member. Credit is based on successful completion of the work practicum plus a presentation based on the student's work experience. Work experience acquired prior to registration in the program is not eligible for this credit.

      AGRC-0289 Vegetable and Fruit Production 6 credit(s)
      This course covers classification of the different types of fruits and vegetables, cultural requirements and crop management, as well as produce handling and marketing. Students examine and apply the concepts of sustainability, production programming, soil and fertility management, equipment selection, irrigation, integrated pest management, harvesting and post-harvest management, cooling and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Tuition and other related fees: $4240
    Textbooks, tools, supplies and extracurricular costs: $900

Fast Facts

Duration/Start 1 year / September

Credential Certificate

Credits 66.00

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery No

International Students Yes

Study Options
On Campus
Open to International Students

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