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Early Childhood Education

Duration/Start: 2 years

Credential: Diploma

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Enter a fulfilling and rewarding career promoting the positive development of young children with our Early Childhood Education program.

What children learn and experience in their early years has an impact on their entire future. Assiniboine’s two-year Early Childhood Education diploma program provides the conceptual knowledge and practical skills to deliver quality early learning and child care to young children. 

As an early childhood educator, your warmth, understanding and patience are essential in working with children from a cross-section of culturally diverse families. You’ll learn the importance of how play and growth impact development; you’ll gain skills to offer appropriate intellectual stimulation, as well as opportunities for physical, emotional and social development.

This is a competitive entry program. Please make sure to review the complete admission requirements for this program and use an ECE Program Application Checklist to help you submit a complete application.

Fast Facts

Duration/Start 2 years

Credential Diploma

Credits 136.00

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery Yes

International Students No

Study Options
On Campus
Distance Education



Why choose Early Childhood Education?

What you help children learn and experience through their early years will impact their entire future. With this
two-year diploma program, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality early learning and
child care to young children. This program is provincially accredited by the Child Care Qualifications and Training Committee (CCQTC).

Be part of an enhanced learning experiences, including collaborating with community partners on projects,
industry field trips and guest speakers, and four practicumplacements. Learn from knowledgeable instructors who
model industry best practices.

Learn how important play is for childhood development; learn the skills you need to provide the right intellectual
stimulation, as well as opportunities for physical, emotional and social growth. As an Early Childhood Educator, your
warmth, understanding and patience are essential to working with culturally diverse children and families.

With an increasing need for early learning and child care settings, employment opportunities are abundant. You
find work in full and part-time programs with children from infants to school age.

Student Spotlight - Amber Brightnose

Brightnose’s family is from Norway House Cree Nation. She grew up in Cranberry Portage, frequently visiting Norway House. When Brightnose was growing up, she told her mother that she wanted to work with children. This ultimately led to her working at the Cranberry Portage child care centre in The Pas.The director there encouraged Brightnose to “spread her wings” by going to Assiniboine for an education, including exposure to the different types of centres that Brandon has for practicums. 

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