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    • Legend: D - Distance Education, P - PLAR, E - Elective

      PSSY-0066 Child Development 3 credit(s) D P
      This course involves the study of the development of the school age child, through theory, research and observation. Students apply their knowledge of physical, social/emotional, language and cognitive development to plan developmentally appropriate, stimulating activities for children from kindergarten to grade 12. Information is provided on child development theorists.

      PSSY-0067 Children's Special Needs 6 credit(s) D P
      This course provides an overview of the inclusion of children with extra support needs in school settings. It examines the causes and characteristics of a variety of exceptionalities, as well as their effect on the child's development. Existing practices of assessment, referral and treatment of school-age children are explored. The focus is on practices and procedures necessary for including children with diverse abilities in school settings.

      COMP-0353 Computer Skills 3 credit(s) D P
      In this course students learn file management, email and Internet concepts. They use a popular word processing package to prepare professional documents.

      PSSY-0024 Cross-Cultural Education 3 credit(s) D P
      This course explores cultural and ethnic diversity in a broad way and illustrates how this impacts on the lives and attitudes of growing children. Multi-cultural, anti-bias and global education philosophies are explored, enabling students to develop a program that is inclusive and both respects and celebrates diversity.

      ECED-0040 Guiding Children's Behaviour 1 3 credit(s) D P
      Prerequisite: COMM-0189 Observation & Report Writing This course introduces the basic concepts of guidance and strategies educational assistants use to provide children with a nurturing and respectful learning environment in which to grow.

      COMM-0035 Interpersonal Communications 3 credit(s) D P
      This course provides students with a general introduction to the theory and principles of interpersonal communication. Students develop and practice skills to improve communication effectiveness.

      PSSY-0054 Learning Styles 3 credit(s) D P
      This course assists students in understanding learning styles and the effects learning styles have on the individuals' ability to learn. It also explores learning disabilities.

      COMM-0189 Observation & Report Writing 3 credit(s) D P
      Educators need to know that accurate written observation is required in order to understand and report the behaviour of children. This course provides an opportunity for students to become skilled in writing observations, research papers, reports, summaries and analyses. Appropriate documentation for the workplace is covered in this course.

      PRAC-0165 Practicum - EDAST 2 credit(s) D
      Cumulative weighted grade point average (CWGPA) of 2.0 or greater The practicum correlates with the theory and skills taught in other courses in the program. It enables students to integrate theory into practice. This practicum is under the close supervision of college instructors. Pre and post-conferences are provided to relate theory to practices. Students have practicum experiences in educational settings.

      PEDV-0132 Professionalism 3 credit(s) D P
      This course provides educational assistants, functioning as team members, with the knowledge essential to provide quality education, demonstrating professional and ethical behaviour in the educational setting.

    Tuition and other related fees: $1970
    Textbooks, tools, supplies and extracurricular costs: $1310

Fast Facts

Duration/Start 4 months/January

Credential Certificate

Credits 32.00

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery Yes

International Students No

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