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Piping Trades

Duration/Start: 9 months/September

Credential: Certificate

Develop your skills in plumbing, gas, steam and pipe fitting. This in-demand, diverse trades program can lead you to employment in residential, commercial and industrial construction industries.

This nine-month certificate program will introduce you to multiple trades in high demand. Concentrate on plumbing, gas and pipe fitting, while learning about furnaces, heating, air conditioning and air exchange systems, water treatment, fire sprinkler systems, water and sewer and sheet metal. Instructors use industry-relevant tools and equipment with an emphasis on safety and protection of the environment.

Study alongside other trades students at our Len Evans Centre of Trades and Technology. This program boasts hands-on learning using a wide variety of equipment from different trades to assist you in learning the function, installation and troubleshooting procedures.

This program will provide you the core skills for a multitude of careers in plumbing and heating contractors, industrial piping contractors, public utilities, wholesale suppliers, fire sprinkler installers and water and wastewater treatment facilities. There is a special emphasis in this program on the role of plumbing in public health and wastewater management concerns, a rapidly growing field that deals with environmental issues.

Graduates who register as a plumbing apprentice within two years of completing this program may be granted in-school training credit for Level 1 Plumber apprenticeship.

Fast Facts

Duration/Start 9 months/September

Credential Certificate

Credits 72.00

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery No

International Students No

Study Options
On Campus

Why choose Piping Trades?

You’ll develop fundamental skills required in the plumbing, gas, sprinkler and pipe fitting trades. Courses focus on the design and installation of piping systems used for safety and protection of property. Special emphasis is placed on the role of plumbing in public health. Your program is supported by computer-mediated instruction and students receive direction on basic computer use, word processing and email.

Our equipment includes a Honeywell DSP 3168 Gas Ignition Trainer—an appliance controlled by onboard computers that sequence operational and safety features. This trainer allows you to learn the function, installation and troubleshooting procedures for controls manufactured by Honeywell—just one of the challenging pieces of equipment we’ve got for you!

Piping Trades grads enter the workforce with highly employable skills for plumbing and heating contractors, industrial piping, public utilities, wholesale supply houses, fire sprinkler installers, and water and waste water treatment facilities. Construction, manufacturing and service industries are also lucrative areas for employment.