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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where and when will the next rural programs be held?

    The next rural programs will be held:

    • Portage la Prairie - September 2018 (full)
    • Russell - January 2019 (full)


  • When is the college accepting applications for Practical Nursing?

    Applications will be accepted:

    • Brandon: NOW OPEN (annual September & January start)
    • Dauphin: NOW OPEN (September start, odd years only)
    • Portage la Prairie: NOW CLOSED
    • Russell: NOW CLOSED
    • Winnipeg: NOW CLOSED 

    Include a Program Application Checklist with your application. For details on applying for rural locations, please see our Additional Info page.

  • How do I get my application in to ACC?

    All applications, including the Program Application Checklist, should be mailed to or dropped off at:

    Assiniboine Community College
    c/o Registrar's Office
    1430 Victoria Avenue East
    Brandon, MB R7A 2A9

  • How long will it take to hear from ACC about the status my application?

    Processing of applications may take up to four to six weeks. ACC will contact all applicants in due time. Any changes or updates to the process will be posted on the college’s website.

    If you are applying for the Winnipeg location, please note that applications will be treated equally in a lottery system. Therefore, all applicants will be notified of their status approximatley 4-6 weeks after application closing date. 

    There is no difference in preferance given to those who apply by mail or in person at the college's Victoria Avenue East campus.

  • If I withdrew from the program or was unsuccessful, can I re-apply?

    Re-applications will be considered on an individual basis. Please contact the chairperson of the program you wish to reapply to:

    Chairperson in Brandon: 
    Phone Number: 204-725-8700, ext 7030
    Toll free: 1-800-862-6307, ext 7030

    Chairperson in Winnipeg:
    Phone Number: 204-694-7111, ext 6265
    Toll Free: 1-800-862-6307, ext 6265

  • I have already applied for Brandon or Winnipeg. What will happen to my application if I decide to apply to one of the rural rotating sites?

    Prospective students may apply for multiple locations. Please note that a separate application form and application fee is required for each location that you wish to apply to. If you submit an application to more than one location, please indicate this on your application. Supporting documents only need to be included with one of your applications, not each one. If you are accepted at more than one location, you will need to choose which location you would prefer.

  • Is the demand for Practical Nurses still high?

    According to ACC’s 2012-13 graduate survey 97 per cent of Practical Nursing graduates are employed in occupations related to their training. As well, employers often attend college career fairs and events to recruit graduates.

  • Why does ACC get so many applications for Practical Nursing?

    In addition to the positions being in high demand, ACC is the leader in Practical Nursing education. We are one of the few institutions in Manitoba where you can get your Practical Nursing diploma.

  • Where do I find the latest information on the status of the Practical Nursing program?

    We will provide the latest information on our website: assiniboine.net/nursing

  • I am a Permanent Resident; can I apply to Practical Nursing?

    Yes, you must send us a photocopy of your Permanent Resident card with your completed Program Application form.

  • I don’t have 60% in one of the required Grade 12 courses, (English, Mathematics or Science), can I apply?

    A first year undergraduate course in English, mathematics or science with a minimum grade of C would also be acceptable. You’ll need to submit the university transcript with your application. If you have successfully completed ACC’s SCIE-0005 Anatomy & Physiology 1 course, it will be accepted in place of a Science 60% or higher.

    If you are enrolled in upgrading at an adult learning centre, you may submit an application once you are enrolled in the admission requirement courses.  You must provide proof of enrolment in these courses from your school with your application. You will also have to provide an official original final transcript once you have completed them. Your final transcript must show 60% or higher in the admission requirement courses.

  • I am currently taking High School courses; can I apply?

    If you are in High School or upgrading at an adult learning centre, you may submit an application once you are enrolled in the Grade 12 (40G/40S) admission requirement courses.  You must provide proof of enrolment in these courses from your school with your application. You will also have to provide an official original final high school transcript once you have graduated. Your final transcript must show 60% or higher in the admission requirement courses.

  • I do not have a Grade 12 from Manitoba, what do I submit?

    You should submit original transcripts that show an equivalent level of schooling. 

    • For other Canadian provinces, this means the last level of schooling required to gain a high school diploma, but it must include English, Math and Science at the Grade 12 level. 
    • For those educated outside of Canada, please refer to the Chart of Admission Requirements for CountryThis chart describes the educational requirement for many countries.

    If you don't have a Grade 12 or equivalent, ACC's Adult Collegiate can help you achieve a Mature Student High School Diploma or complete your regular High School Diploma to meet admission requirements.

  • Do I need to prove English language proficiency?

    If you were educated in Canada or in a country on the test exempt list, you generally do not need to prove English language proficiency. However, you should refer to the ELP to ensure you meet the minimum requirements.

    If you were educated outside of Canada, or outside of a country on the test exempt list, you must read ELP pages and submit documentation with your application that proves your English language proficiency.

  • Can I do my practicum in a different area than my campus? I’d like to be closer to home during those weeks.

    No.  Each Regional Health Authority has a limited number of practicum placements and college staff must be available for supervision.  You must plan to do practicums in the location planned for your campus.

  • If I start at one campus, can I transfer to another campus later? (For example, I’m from Winnipeg; can I start in Brandon and transfer back to Winnipeg?)

    No.  Please apply to the campus where you are prepared to take the entire program.

  • Where can I take ACC’s Practical Nursing program?

    The program is offered at three permanent sites. Brandon and Winnipeg (September & January starts each year) and Dauphin (September start, every second year on odd years).

    The program is also offered in rural communities throughout Manitoba.  We currently have a program in progress in Melita (Jan 2017 start).  

    The next rural rotating program will begin in Portage la Prairie (Sep 2018 start).  For more information on these programs, please visit our Additional Info page.

  • If I apply, and am accepted for one intake, can I defer to a later intake if needed?

    No, we do not defer any acceptances to any of our programs.

  • I am an international applicant; can I apply to Practical Nursing?

    No, the Practical Nursing program does not currently accept International Students.  As a high demand program, we accept applications from Canadian citizens or permanent residents only.  For a list of programs available to international students, click here.

  • Can I take the Practical Nursing program by distance?

    No. The Practical Nursing program is not currently available by distance.  However there are a few Term 1 and Term 2 courses from the program that are available either by distance or evening classes. If you take courses in advance however, there could be an impact on funding options for later on.  We suggest you discuss with the Financial Aid & Awards Officer in our Registrar's Office.

  • What are the scheduled hours for classes?

    Classes may be scheduled between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  However clinical practicum may be scheduled at various times of day and various shifts including evenings, nights and weekends.  Those students with young children will need to plan for flexible child care arrangements.

  • What are the class sizes?

    Class sizes in the Brandon and Winnipeg sites are 35 students.  Dauphin and Rural Rotating sites will accept up to 25 students.

  • Where and how can I take Math for Nurses?

    Math for Nurses is available from the Centre of Continuing studies via classroom or distance delivery.  Go to our Continuing Studies page and search for Math courses for availability & pricing.

  • Why do I need to have a current Child Abuse Registry Check, Adult Abuse Registry Check and Criminal Record Check to take the program?

    Regional Health Authorities, where students are placed for practicum experience, require that the students disclose any conviction for any offences.  In some circumstances, applicants with a criminal record may be unable to complete the program.  Applicants listed on the Child Abuse Registry or Adult Abuse Registry will be unable to complete the program because they require practicum experiences involving persons in care.  

    If you have a criminal record or are listed on the Child Abuse Registry or Adult Abuse Registry, it is strongly advised that you contact the Chairperson of Health Programs prior to applying to the program:

    Chairperson in Brandon: 
    Phone Number: 204-725-8700, ext 7030
    Toll free: 1-800-862-6307, ext 7030

    Chairperson in Winnipeg:
    Phone Number: 204-694-7111, ext 6265
    Toll Free: 1-800-862-6307, ext 6265

  • What immunizations do I require?

    An Immunization Record can be downloaded here.  Please note that Practical Nursing students are required to complete all immunizations.  Please also note the second page contains pertinent information for the person administering the immunizations.

  • When should I get immunizations, Child Abuse Registry check, Adult Abuse Registry check, Criminal Record check, etc?

    When you receive a letter from the Admissions department indicating that you are conditionally accepted, you should begin the process of obtaining your Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Check, Adult Abuse Registry Check, immunizations and CPR (Health Care Provider level) certification. The deadlines for these entrance requirements are July 15 for September entry and November 15 for January entry.  The Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Check and Adult Abuse Registry Check must be current and not dated prior to your acceptance to the program.

  • I’d like to have a lighter course load if I am accepted to the Practical Nursing Program. Can I take courses before I start the full program?

    Yes, there are a few Term 1 and Term 2 courses that are available either by distance or evening classes through our Centre of Continuing Studies.  See Continuing Studies page for availability & pricing.  It is strongly encouraged that you discuss with ACC’s Financial Aids & Awards Officer before making this decision.  Taking courses before the program starts could impact (reduce) your funding options for the full program.

  • Can I obtain credit for past work and informal or formal education and training if it is related?

    You may be eligible for transfer of credit for related post-secondary education completed at the college or university level. Once you are accepted into the program, you may apply to have previous education reviewed for transfer of credit.  Previous education will be reviewed based on completion date and content relevance.

  • Who can I contact regarding Student Loans, Scholarships and Bursaries?

    Contact the Financial Aid & Awards Officer at 204.725.8700 ext 6020 or by e-mail awards@assiniboine.net.

  • In the Program Costs list, “Other Costs” are listed at $1,350. What does this amount include?

    Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation – Health Care Provider (CPR-HCP)  90.00

    Immunizations  approx. 200.00

    Uniforms (white only)  150.00

    Shoes (white only)  100.00

    Miscellaneous (locker at hospital, name tags etc.)  100.00

    Watch with second hand  50.00

    Stethoscope  100.00

    Parking and transportation costs (responsibility of the student)  varies

    College of Licensed Practical Nursing of Manitoba (www.clpnm.ca):

    • Student registration  53.00 per year
    • Canadian Licensing exam  450.00

    TOTAL   approximately $1350.00

    These costs are approximate and are subject to change.

  • What is my earning potential as an LPN?

    According to April 2015 salary scales on the Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) website, LPN’s can make between $26.504 and $33.049 per hour.

  • How does the lottery/random draw process work?

    A lottery application process means that all complete applications will be entered into a random draw to select those admitted into the program. Applications must be complete to be entered into the draw.

    Please refer to the Program Application Checklist for all admission requirements.

    For the rural rotating sites

    Applicants living with a 100-kilometre radius of the community rural Practical Nursing site will receive preference, meaning that they will be included in the first random draw. Those applicants who do not live in a rural community or live outside the 100 km radius  will be placed in the random draw selection process following those applicants within the catchment area for that particular rural rotating site.

    There is no difference in preference given to those who apply by mail or in person at the college’s Victoria Avenue East campus during any of the application windows for the three sites. 

  • Is Math For Nurses a requirement to apply?

    Yes, you must successfully completed the 15-hour MATH-0014 Math for Nurses course with a minimum mark of 95% to apply. No transcript is needed; this will be in our student system if complete.

Fast Facts

Duration/Start 2 Years/ September and January

Credential Diploma

Credits 106.00

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery No

International Students No

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