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This program provides skills and training for owners, managers or employees of horticulture businesses as well as anyone with an interest in horticulture. Careers in the field of horticulture focus on nursery crop production, landscaping, arboriculture, greenhouse crop production, fruit production and vegetable production.


Assiniboine Community College has partnered with three western Canadian educational institutions, the University of Saskatchewan and Olds College to develop and deliver this program. Courses in the program can be used for certification purposes with the International Society of Arborists, Flowers Canada and the Horticulture Apprenticeship program in Saskatchewan.

Professional connections

  • International Society of Arborists
  • Flowers Canada
  • Saskatchewan Horticulture Apprenticeship program

Post-secondary connections

  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Olds College

 Assiniboine has a number of agreements with other colleges, universities and professional organizations, making it possible to apply credit taken at Assiniboine to programs at other institutions. For up-to-date information on agreements, visit Assiniboine’s Articulation Agreements page.

Detailed information is also available on the Articulation Agreements page for Assiniboine’s High School Articulation Agreements and Apprenticeship Manitoba Agreements.

Fast Facts

Duration/Start 10 weeks per course / Sep, Jan , Mar

Credential Certificate

Credits 36.00

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery Yes

International Students Yes

Study Options
Distance Education
Continuing Studies