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      DRFT-0001 Blueprint Reading (CARPW) 3 credit(s)
      This course provides the fundamental skills necessary for students to become familiar with architectural blueprints.

      CPWW-0013 Building Layout 1.5 credit(s)
      Students work with tools and levelling instruments, and learn the procedures to locate a building site, stake out, establish levels, plan for excavation and landscaping, and begin forming.

      CPWW-0004 Building Materials 1.5 credit(s)
      Properties and structure of wood are studied in this course, followed by orientation in the types, standard sizes and characteristics of the basic materials of construction.

      SCIE-0007 Building Science 1.5 credit(s)
      This course begins by focusing on the concepts of understanding the house as a system. Students then study thermal insulation requirements, types and applications, including energy-efficient construction techniques.

      CPWW-0008 Cabinet Making 9 credit(s)
      Prerequisite: CPWW-0006 Woodworking Machines 2 In this extension of the machine woodworking program, students study and apply the cabinetmaker's craft.

      COMM-0260 Communications 1.5 credit(s)
      This course includes instruction in techniques to improve both written and oral communication with prospective employers, co-workers and clients. Effective strategies for customer service are emphasized. It also serves to familiarize students with the regulations related to the workplace. As well, students receive an introduction to the use of computer software and hands-on experience with Windows operating system, Internet and email.

      CPWW-0012 Concrete Forming Technology 3 credit(s)
      In this course, students study the characteristics of quality concrete, its mixture, transport, placement, finishing and curing. Other course material includes forming for footings, walls, columns, beams, slabs and stairs.

      WRKP-0030 Construction Safety 3 credit(s)
      Along with instruction in erection and use of staging and ladders, students become familiar with ropes, rigging and hand signals, as well as construction site health and safety hazards and appropriate personal protection devices.

      MATH-0013 Construction Trades Geometry 1.5 credit(s)
      This course provides students with a review of the basic geometry skills required for working in the construction trades.

      CPWW-0009 Exterior Finishing 6 credit(s)
      Students participate in the application of various types of exterior wall cladding, cornice trim and roof coverings. The course also includes door and window selection, construction and installation.

      CPWW-0031 Hand Tools 9 credit(s)
      Prerequisite: CPWW-0003 Shop Layout This course, along with Woodworking Machines, is a prerequisite to all program elements. It teaches students how to select, care for and use the tools of the trade, and provides instruction in basic procedures.

      CPWW-0010 Interior Finishing 3 credit(s)
      In this course, students learn to select and apply interior finishes for walls, ceilings and floors. Students hang an interior door in one of several modes, install trim and study decorative details.

      PRAC-0031 Practicum - CARP 3 credit(s)
      Prerequisite: Cumulative weighted grade point average (CWGPA) of 2.0 or greater Students spend approximately three weeks on the job to gain experience in an industrial environment. Credit is subject to approval of the work experience by a designated faculty member. The student must submit evidence that the work has been successfully completed.

      CPWW-0007 Roof Framing 6 credit(s)
      Prerequisite: CPWW-0013 Construction Trades Geometry In this course students learn how to calculate, lay out, cut and install rafters for equal slope gable and hip roofs.

      CPWW-0003 Shop Layout 3 credit(s)
      This course enables students to develop the skills needed to prepare shop drawings using drafting conventions and commonly available shop tools.

      CPWW-0011 Stair Building 6 credit(s)
      Prerequisites: MATH-0013 Construction Trades Geometry, CPWW-0006 Woodworking Machines 2 This course includes stair calculations, governing codes, layout procedures, standard and special materials and basic construction of stairs and stringers.

      CPWW-0005 Wood Frame Construction 6 credit(s)
      Students learn terminology, techniques and applicable codes relating to wood frame house construction. Practical elements include joist and plate layout and construction of floor, wall and ceiling components.

      CPWW-0002 Woodworking Machines 1 3 credit(s)
      Prerequisite: CPWW-0031 Hand Tools This course introduces students to basic stationary and portable power equipment through introductory machine woodworking exercises.

      CPWW-0006 Woodworking Machines 2 9 credit(s)
      Prerequisites: CPWW-0002 Woodworking Machines 1, CPWW-0031 Hand Tools In this course, students study woodworking machines in detail through demonstration and programmed exercises. The course also includes a breakdown of advanced woodworking procedures.

    Tuition and other related fees: $5140
    Textbooks, tools and supplies: $1560

Fast Facts

Duration/Start 9 months/September

Credential Certificate

Credits 79.5

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery No

International Students Yes

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On Campus
Open to International Students


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