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Accounting (Advanced Diploma)

Duration/Start: 8 months / September

Credential: Advanced Diploma

NOTE: This is an advanced diploma and requires a prior diploma or degree as a pre-requisite. If you do not have a prior post-secondary credential, please see our Business Administration program where you can specialize in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management or Marketing.

Prior courses and/or work experience for certain courses are required in this field for direct admission into the program, otherwise, you may be required to complete prerequisite courses. Check Courses and Costs for the list of courses and their prerequisites.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need the advanced knowledge and guidance you can provide. Earn trust and respect from your employer when you exemplify your commitment to integrity and protecting the common good.

Develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of accounting principles and make yourself an attractive prospect for any business or accounting firm. Work towards your completion of the prerequisites for the Chartered Professional Accountants Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) or Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) accounting designations administered by the Chartered Professional Accountants

Help organizations and individuals manage their finances and plan for their future. This career path takes your interest in the business world and combines it with your excellent communication skills, ability to convey complex ideas in a simple manner and desire to uphold ethics. Learn how to advance in this demanding—and rewarding—career.

Learn everything from financial accounting to statistics to taxation. Develop skills in advanced financial reporting, auditing, and business law. Higher-level courses enhance critical thinking skills and Indigenous-focused content provides perspective on Indigenous issues within a business context.

Fast Facts

Duration/Start 8 months / September

Credential Advanced Diploma

Credits 60

Optional Exit No

Co-op Work Placement No

Distance Delivery No

International Students Yes

Study Options
On Campus
Open to International Students
Advanced Credentials

Find opportunities in public accounting firms, banks, trust companies, accounting, internal auditing departments, industrial firms, federal, provincial or municipal offices, school divisions, parochial schools, tribal councils, non-profit organizations, and health care institutions, as well as in owner-managed businesses as business/office managers.

Unique Learning Experiences:

  • Emphasis on practical, applied learning
  • Up-to-date, well-equipped computer laboratories using industry-specific software

2+2 Program Adds Up To Accounting Career

Joran Hedley, now a senior accountant working with BDO Canada LLP in Brandon, started working towards his career less than a decade ago at Assiniboine.

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