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      COMM-0045 Communications 3 credit(s)
      This course includes instruction in techniques to improve both written and oral communication with prospective employers, co-workers and clients. Effective strategies for customer service are emphasized. It also serves to familiarize students with the regulations related to the workplace. As well, students receive an introduction to the use of computer software and hands-on experience with Windows operating system, Internet and email.

      ELEC-0001 Electrical Science 3 credit(s)
      This course helps students to develop an understanding of basic electrical science. Students learn about various electrical laws including Ohm's law and are able to follow basic circuit diagrams and understand schematics used in the mechanical trade.

      ELEC-0013 Electrical/Electronic Systems 15 credit(s)
      Prerequisites: WRKP-0009 Orientation and Shop Skills, ELEC-0001 Electrical Science Electrical and electronic systems are used to operate and control many of the functions found on modern automobiles, heavy duty and farm equipment. Technicians require a thorough understanding of the basics of electrical circuits, the principles of operation of system components and of the inter-relationships between these components. In this course students develop the skills and knowledge to service, diagnose and repair electrical systems and components, including wiring harnesses, switches, relays, solenoids, circuit breakers, fuses, lighting systems and batteries. Students learn to service, diagnose and repair electrical systems and components including cranking, charging and ignition systems, instrument and gauge circuits, and starting aid circuits. Emphasis is on accurate and efficient troubleshooting to isolate faulty components and failure analysis to avoid recurring failures.

      MECH-0054 Gas Engines 15 credit(s)
      Prerequisites: WRKP-0009 Orientation and Shop Skills, ELEC-0001 Electrical Science This course acquaints students with the systems and components that make up a gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine. Students learn to maintain, troubleshoot and repair engine support systems. They disassemble a complete engine, clean, inspect, measure all components for wear, recondition heads and reassemble the engine.

      WRKP-0009 Orientation and Shop Skills 12 credit(s)
      This course prepares students for progression into other program areas by building a solid foundation of shop skills. Students become familiar with college facilities, resources and extracurricular activities. Major course topics include: shop safety procedures, the correct use and maintenance of hand tools, power tools and shop equipment. Demonstrations of precision measuring, fastener identification and tightening procedures are required. Students also learn basic automobile maintenance. Safe work practices, proper tool selection and referral to service manuals are emphasized.

      MECH-0056 Power Trains Automotive 15 credit(s)
      Prerequisite: WRKP-0009 Orientation and Shop Skills Students learn the theory, operation and repair of various drive train components such as transaxles, clutches, differentials and axles. They also learn the theory, operation and repair of standard transmissions, and theory, operation and testing of automatic transmissions.

      PRAC-0164 Practicum - AUTO 3 credit(s)
      Prerequisite: Cumulative weighted grade point average (CWGPA) of 2.0 or greater. Students spend approximately three weeks on the job to gain experience in a work environment. Credit is subject to approval of the work experience by a designated faculty member. The student must submit evidence that the work has been successfully completed.

      WELD-0001 Welding 1 3 credit(s)
      Students learn the basics of oxyacetylene, arc, and mig welding as applied to the mechanical trade.

    Tuition and other related fees: $4550
    Textbooks, tools, supplies and extracurricular costs: $4300

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Duration/Start 9 months / September

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Credits 69.00

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Co-op Work Placement No

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International Students No

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