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Adult Learning, Upgrading and Access


Assiniboine’s adult learning programs offer a variety of learning options to meet your needs. Classes are available on-campus, full-time or part-time, day or evening in Brandon or Dauphin. Our programs are designed for anyone who would like to:

  • achieve their high school diploma
  • improve their skills
  • increase their marks in a course
  • earn prerequisites to enter college or university 


Affordable education

Our high school courses are tuition-free. Students do pay materials and Students’ Association fees, which amounts to less than $40 per course. The application fee is also currently being waived, so you can apply at no cost!*

*subject to change


Are you looking to earn your high school diploma?

We offer three program options if you are looking to complete your Mature Student High School diploma.


The Mature Student High School diploma requires eight credits and is equivalent to a regular high school diploma. We will develop an individual education plan for you based on the credits you may already have, your goals and your current academic skills.

The integrated programs allow you to accelerate your education and graduate with both a Mature Student High School diploma and a college certificate in less time than it would take you to do them separately. Our dual credit courses will allow you to earn both high school and college credits at the same time.


Do you have your high school diploma, but would like to upgrade your education?

If you have already achieved your high school diploma, but want to take more high school courses to meet post-secondary admission requirements or upgrade skills for a job, the Mature Student High School – Additional Credits program was created with you in mind. You are eligible to take up to four courses tuition-free.


Getting started

The first step is to book an appointment with a student success advisor in Brandon or Dauphin. Our advisor will meet with you and give you information about upgrading and which program option might be best for you, as well as discuss the application and registration process.

To book an appointment, please contact:

Adult Collegiate (Brandon)

204.725.8735 or toll-free 1.800.862.6307 ext 7134


Parkland Campus (Dauphin)