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Advanced Credentials

Are you a college or university graduate? Assiniboine offers a range of advanced diploma programs to help you develop specialized skills in a particular industry and take your career to the next level.

What is an advanced diploma?

Advanced diplomas are a college level credential that require a prior post-secondary credential (e.g. university degree or college diploma) and are well suited for those with prior life, career and educational experience.

Intensive and skills-oriented, advanced credentials are a way to fast track your education to set yourself apart, re-enter an industry with a new focus, or increase your employability for a specific profession.

While some of our advanced programs will require you have a particular diploma or related background (i.e. Early Childhood Program Management), others are open to any diploma or degree holder.

What advanced diploma programs does Assiniboine offer?

Whether you’re a recent university graduate looking to top off your education with a Marketing diploma, or an Agribusiness student graduating and continuing directly into the GIS advanced diploma, the options to build your skills and increase your employability are endless.

Assiniboine has the following advanced diploma programs to choose from:

Is An Advanced Diploma Right For You?

An advanced diploma is a way to set yourself apart using higher college-level accreditation. Is an advanced diploma right for you? 

  • I have completed a degree, but still feel I require more concrete skills.

    Congratulations on completing your bachelor’s degree! Now, take what you’ve learned and cap off your degree by applying practical, hands-on skills that increase your employability. Turn theory into application by taking your degree to the next level.

  • I’m new to Canada, already have education from my home country, and want a Canadian credential.

    Supplementing your previous education with an advanced diploma from an accredited Canadian college is a great way to increase your skillset in a short amount of time so you can enter the workforce with confidence.

  • I’d like to pursue a new avenue at work and want to upgrade my skills.

    Branching out into a new field doesn’t have to be scary. Invest in yourself with an advanced diploma and in less than a year’s time, you can have the skills needed to start a new adventure.

  • I’d like a career change.

    Take the experience and training you already have and supplement your knowledge with a new skillset. Set yourself apart from competitors with a niche focus and hit the ground running in less than a year.

  • My current job is changing, and my employer is supporting me to further my education.

    Congratulations! Your employer is showing support for your life-long learning and is encouraging you to take the next step in your professional and educational journey. Employees who are passionate, engaged and invested in their work help take companies to the next level!

Still have questions?

If you’d like to speak to someone about advanced diplomas and if they’re the right fit for you, please contact our Recruitment team. They’re happy to answer any questions you may have, get you in touch with further supports or even give you a campus tour! Contact our helpful team.

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