Whether you're pursuing photography as a career or looking to enjoy as a hobby, this program provides a variety of course offerings to choose from to meet your individual goals.

Gain a variety of techniques that stimulate your curiosity and imagination. Learn the technological aspects of photography, as well as more advanced techniques using computer imaging. Study design principles to take your photography to the next level.


An application is not required for this program.

English is the language of instruction at Assiniboine. All applicants educated outside of Canada or in a country not on the test exempt list are expected to meet the English language proficiency requirement. See assiniboine.net/elp for more information.

If you don’t meet these admission requirements please visit our adult learning page for more information on assessment of special circumstances.

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Careers & Connections


This program is for students who would like to learn more about photography as a hobby or as a possible career choice. Graduates may find employment with photography studios or as a freelance photographer.

Tools & Supplies

It is recommended that students own a camera that can be set to manual mode.


Courses & Costs

To receive a Photography document of achievement, students must successfully complete 110 academic hours. 

Tuition, fees and Student Association fees vary by course.

Photography 1 (CRAF-0013)*

This course is designed for people who have limited knowledge of the 35 mm camera and how to use it. Your 35 mm camera (film or digital SLR) must have interchangeable lenses or have settings you can change to manual mode. The course covers camera controls, how to get the proper exposure, auto focus, lenses, composition, filters, special effects, close-up photography, matting and flash.

Photography 2 (CRAF-0060)*

Prerequisite: CRAF-0013 Photography 1

This course is designed to explore photographic topics with a hands-on approach. Some of the topics to be covered include quality and type of light, texture, macro photography, selective focus, action photography and portrait lighting. Students are encouraged to share their work and to discuss constructively the work of fellow classmates. Shoots are arranged according to the wishes of participants.

Photoshop 1 (CRAF-0152)*

Learn basics techniques to manipulate and print photos using Adobe Photoshop. Learn about resolution, file formats, adjusting levels, re-sizing images, incorporating text, and many other creative image-enhancing methods. Students can bring a USB drive with their own picture files for editing.

Photoshop 2 (CRAF-0181)*

Prerequisite: CRAF-0152 Photography 1

Now you can build on what you learned in Photoshop 1. Learn how to work with RAW files, write and use actions to streamline your workflow, how to simulate the infrared effect, and other fun things. You’ll also make an impressionist photo using the art history brush plus try many other exciting new techniques to make your pictures stand out. Bring your own pictures to work on each week. Make sure you have some scenic photos for the first week. USB drive is required to leave with picture files.

Photoshop 3 (CRAF-0194)

Prerequisite: CRAF-0181 Photography 2

This fun course is a continuation of Photoshop 2 using creative techniques in Photoshop to create artistic works from your photographs. Topics include HDR (high dynamic range) in Photoshop, creative use of filters plus many other awesome projects. Please bring a selection of your photographs on a USB drive.

Flower Photography (CRAF-0252)

Learn how to photograph flowers in this outdoor hands-on photography workshop. You'll receive expert tips and guidance in a fun and friendly way.

Landscape Photography (CRAF-0230)

Learn how to take beautiful outdoor photos. Understand how to set your camera, use different lenses, and incorporate natural light to enhance photos. Participants must bring a DSL camera. Lenses, tripod, and other camera equipment are optional.

Natural Light Photography (CRAF-0256)

Transform your outdoor photos into a work of art. Enhance your skills in this hands-on, outdoor course that focuses on using natural light to your benefit in portrait, landscape and general nature photography. We will explore ways to find the best light. Bring your cameras, lenses and any other photography equipment you may have.

Photography & Design (CRAF-0255)

Create custom work for yourself using Photoshop. This includes save the dates, birth announcements, thank you cards, invitations and more! Maximize your creativity by learning hands-on how to create these projects and leave with a finished design. USB drive with pictures is required for first class.

Photography & Design 2 (CRAF-0280)

Prerequisite: CRAF-0255 Photography & Design

Build on what you have already learned in Photography & Design. Learn more in-depth design elements and add new Photoshop features to your save the dates, announcements and full page cards.

Street/Candid Photography (CRAF-0301)

There's so much going on around you, and you've got a camera in your hand. This course will examine the approaches to candid street photography, helping you capture the essence of everyday life. Learn how to find moments that speak to you, and how to capture them unobtrusively, without interfering. Respecting the ethical boundaries of taking photos of subjects who are unaware will also be covered.

Studio Lighting (CRAF-0279)

Learn how to prepare lighting setups and posing arrangements.

*Required course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are courses not offered every term for this program?

Courses in a program are offered based on several considerations such as, but not limited to, instructor availability, seasonality, demand, etc.

I've successfully completed the required courses for this program. How do I receive my credential?

Students that have successfully completed all the program requirements can complete an Application to Graduate form and email to registration@assiniboine.net to receive their credential.