Returning to the practical nursing profession, bridging a knowledge gap, or refreshing your knowledge in a particular area? This flexible, self-paced program combines theoretical study and clinical practice to help you meet the requirements for registration through the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba.

Have you worked as a practical nurse and wish to return to your career within Manitoba? If the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) requires you to take a refresher program, then Assiniboine can help you re-enter the nursing profession with confidence. 

Make a difference in the health care profession. Be part of the interdisciplinary team that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals, families and communities. Demonstrated flexibility is essential to this profession, particularly around shiftwork, including weekends. 

Take courses from this program according to your schedule and in accordance with CLPNM’s guidelines. Courses begin every two months, and theoretical study from home is synthesized with clinical practice in this flexible program. Practice hands-on skills in modern lab settings and apply them during your clinical placement. 

A Practical Nursing Refresher certificate can open doors to you in many settings, including hospitals, personal care homes, and acute and extended care. With a background in practical nursing, opportunities exist to develop special areas of practice, certification and credentials. Ask about options and potential credit transfers with our many partner institutions. 

The Practical Nursing Refresher (PNR) program is designed for individuals who intend to re-enter the practical nursing profession in Manitoba and must meet the requirements for registration through the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM)

CLPNM Code of Ethics    CLPNM Scope of Practice    CLPNM Suitability Checks

This program focuses on caring. Applicants should enjoy caring for people and be willing to work with a team of health care providers. Those working in this field should be prepared to work varied shifts, including weekends. In addition, the PNR program synthesizes theoretical study and clinical practice to facilitate successful re-entry into professional nursing practice. Theoretical study will take place at home and clinical practice will occur in a clinical facility in the student's region, if possible.

If you have been referred by CLPNM to take a refresher course, then we can help you re-enter the nursing profession with confidence.

This program was developed jointly by the Open Learning Agency for the British Columbia Ministry of Education, CLPNM and Assiniboine Community College.


  • A complete Manitoba Grade 12 or equivalent.
  • All admissions to the Practical Nursing Refresher program will be on referral from the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) only.
  • All students must hold a current Active or Student practicing license with CLPNM prior to and during registration in PNR courses.

English is the language of instruction at Assiniboine. All applicants educated outside of Canada or in a country not on the test exempt list are expected to meet the English language proficiency requirement. See assiniboine.net/elp for more information. 

Prior to the start of clinical placements, students must complete the following:

  • Up-to-date and completed immunizations
  • Evidence of current certification in cardiopulmonary   resuscitation – Health Care Provider (CPR-HCP)
  • Evidence of current criminal record, child abuse and adult   abuse registry checks

All clinical and lab requirements must be completed in Manitoba.

Many agencies where students are placed for practicum experience require students to disclose convictions for any offences. In some instances, applicants with a criminal record or listed on the Child Abuse and/or Adult Registry may not be admitted to the program. If you fall into one of these categories, please contact the School of Nursing prior to applying.

All registry checks must be current prior to clinicals. Documents obtained prior to program acceptance will not be acceptable. Please note: the process for completing these documents may take 4-6 weeks. 

If you don’t meet these admission requirements please visit our adult learning page for more information on assessment of special circumstances.

Careers & Connections


Obtain employment in hospitals, personal care homes, medical clinics, private agencies and the community. As well, with some advanced preparation, entrepreneurial LPNs are establishing their own businesses.


Assiniboine is proud to collaborate with professional organizations, post-secondary institutions, high schools and communities throughout the Province of Manitoba to provide an enhanced student experience.

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) provincially accredits the Assiniboine Community College Practical Nursing Refresher program. Note: The Manitoba credential is recognized across Canada.

Assiniboine has a number of agreements with other colleges, universities and professional organizations, making it possible to apply credit taken at Assiniboine to programs at other institutions. For up-to-date information on agreements, visit Assiniboine’s Articulation Agreements page.

Tools & Supplies

Distance-delivered courses make use a variety of delivery methods.  All courses utilize a learning package that may include a combination of materials such as course outlines, manual, text, and other resources as needed. You will maintain contact with your instructor and other students through a variety of technologies as needed.

Textbooks may be purchased at the ACC Bookstore at the Victoria Avenue East Campus, which is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit the Assiniboine Bookstore’s website to learn more about ordering online.

At-Home Computing

For this program, you are expected to have access to a computer at home. It should have a webcam, microphone and internet access to enable remote learning for the theory portions of your programs.

At-Home Computing Information

Courses & Costs

Program fees vary from person to person, depending on what courses CLPNM requires you to complete. Some undeclared students may be directed by CLPNM to take a portion of the PNR courses. Note: Courses taken individually through Continuing Studies will be at Continuing Studies rates.

Previous education, practice and hours as a practical nurse  will be assessed by CLPNM, and they will refer you the specific courses you will need to complete through Assiniboine. A  non-refundable assessment fee of $100 is required before your application will be processed.

To meet registration eligibility requirements, the student must successfully complete all courses identified through the referral process from CLPNM. Applicants must successfully complete each theory course and attend all clinical and lab components. 

For individuals who are required to complete the whole program, tuition, fees and Student Association fees total approximately $2,194. Estimated costs for books and supplies are $1,100

Contact the School of Nursing for more information on exact program costs, which will depend on your specific requirements from CLPNM. 

Fast Facts

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