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What is the difference between a Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test (CLBPT) and a Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) exit report?

The CLBPT (From Westman Immigrant Services or WELARC in Winnipeg) is used only for placement in English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes.  It is not enough information for admission into college or university programs. A CLB exit report is completed after someone has taken EAL classes. It is the document that lists your CLB scores from those classes.

What does Assiniboine Community College (Assiniboine) require for admission into its programs?

Assiniboine will accept a CLB exit report provided by an instructor after you have attended ESL classes. The minimum acceptable score will differ for each program, but generally will be in the CLB 7-8 range. If you wish to discuss your CLB exit report before you apply, please phone 204-725-8700 or 800-862-6307 ext. 6300 and speak to a Student Success Advisor. Have your CLB exit report with you when you phone.

I have a CLBPT from Westman Immigrant Services (or WELARC in Winnipeg). Is that enough?

No. The CLBPT is only for placement in EAL classes. It is not enough information for admission into college or university programs.

I have passed grade 12 English Language Arts in Canada (ELA 40S).  Do I still need to take an English language proficiency test?

Yes. The exception to this is if you have completed two years of full-time instruction in an English speaking Canadian high school, including passing marks in both Grade 11 and Grade 12 English Language Arts (not English as an Additional Language credits).

The purpose of English Language Arts high school classes is similar to high school classes in your home country in your first language. It is the “art” of using a language you already know. It is not the same as English as an Additional Language class, which studies the “science” of a language you are still learning.

The language of instruction at my secondary/post-secondary institution, in my country, was English. Do I still need to take a test?

Yes, you will need to take an English language proficiency test.  The only exception to this is if your transcripts are from a country on the test exempt list. If your transcripts are from a country on the test exempt list, then you do not need to take an English language proficiency test.

We understand that some applicants studied English in their home country.  But the resulting level of ability in English, especially to study in Canada, can vary considerably in many countries. An English language proficiency test is how you can demonstrate your ability.

I do not have any documentation of my English language proficiency. What is my next step?

If you want to complete ESL classes to receive an exit report, Westman Immigrant Services in Brandon, or WELARC in Winnipeg, will do the CLBPT with you and refer you into the appropriate level of ESL classes. Assiniboine’s services for ESL learners have grown, and we are pleased that we can now offer two options in Brandon for applicants to demonstrate English language proficiency:

a) IELTS preparation classes and testing

b) English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, resulting in an exit report.

Can I apply for an Assiniboine program now and provide English language proficiency information later?

No. All applications must be complete, which includes English language proficiency documentation. Assiniboine cannot process an application that is incomplete, an incomplete application could be cancelled and the $200 application fee is non-refundable.

Will Assiniboine review my documents before I apply and tell me if I would be accepted?

No. A Student Success Advisor can answer basic questions about admission requirements for Assiniboine programs, including information about CLB exit report scores for each one. But the college cannot review documents and give you a final answer until you have submitted a complete application. Please read the admission requirements on each program’s webpage, and our English language proficiency requirements

I am a Permanent Resident (or Canadian citizen). Why do I have to meet English language proficiency requirements?

Anyone whose high school education is from outside of Canada (or one of the test exempt countries) is required to provide proof of English language proficiency. All applicants must demonstrate a command of English sufficient to meet the demands of classroom instruction, discussions, and written assignments. 

Skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing are important and cannot be assessed informally. College programs usually require 5 or 6 hours of class daily, plus homework, so students learn a lot of new concepts quickly. It is difficult to schedule most college programs “part-time”. Some shop or laboratory environments can be noisy and distracting. Also, most college programs have a practicum or work experience, where student needs to function well in English with other employees and clients.

Can I register for a program where I take English classes first and then continue into the college program of my choice?

Assiniboine Community College does not offer this “integrated” type of programming. We also do not teach English at the same time as college programs. We offer ESL classes separately from our college programs. Everyone must meet the English language proficiency requirements when they apply to the college program. 

Should I register for a mature student high school (MSHS) program to demonstrate English language proficiency?

No. Register for a MSHS program only if you do not already have the equivalent to Grade 12 from your own country, or if you need a specific course at a Grade 12 level (like Math or Science). The MSHS may provide some valuable learning for you, but it is NOT proof of English language proficiency. If you need more practice in the English language before you can demonstrate English language proficiency, register for ESL classes.


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