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Transfer Credits/PLAR

We know that you may have completed some learning before you arrive at Assiniboine. If you have completed previous courses at other accredited educational institutions that are the same or very similar to courses that we offer here, you can apply for Transfer Credit. If you have done some learning in places other than accredited institutions (e.g., on the job training), you can apply for a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

Transfer Credits

To apply for transfer credit, refer to Policy A07 and submit an Application for Credit for Previous Education form included with that policy.  Be sure to attach all copies of your previous course outlines, and submit them as soon as you have accepted an offer of admission to Assiniboine.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) provides the opportunity for individuals to obtain credit for college level learning that has been gained outside a formal institutional setting. During the process, an individual’s prior learning gained from education, work, life experiences and personal study is assessed against the expected learning outcomes in college courses. If the learning demonstrated is equivalent to that normally acquired through a formal course in the chosen area of college study, then credit is granted. Going through the prior learning assessment process at ACC can eliminate duplication of learning and can shorten the time and cost of gaining a college education. Courses available for PLAR are identified with the symbol P in the current academic calendar. Please refer to the information and procedures outlined in Policy A6.

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