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Program/Course Fees

All regular certificate and diploma programs at Assiniboine are composed of courses. Course fees include tuition fees, course fees, and Students’ Association fees.

For a summary of domestic student fees for the 2019-20 academic year, please refer to our domestic student fees (PDF).


Tuition Fees

Courses are assigned credits, which are calculated as follows:

40 academic hours 3 credits
40 practicum/work experience/co-op work placement hours 1 credit
Tuition fees are calculated at (2018-19): $40.55 per credit


Student Services Fees

A student services fee of $1.00 per credit must be paid for regular certificate and diploma courses.


Students’ Association Fees

A Students’ Association fee must be paid for regular certificate, diploma and high school courses. 2019-20 rates are as follows:

Brandon Campuses $2.96 per credit
Parkland Campus $2.66 per credit
Off-Campus and distance education $0.94 per credit
Adult Collegiate, Brandon  $25.70 per credit
Adult Collegiate, Dauphin $23.90 per credit


Student Health & Dental Fees

Students enrolled in 18 credits or more and beginning in the Fall Term, or enrolled in 15 credits or more and beginning in the Winter Term, will be enrolled in the Student Health & Dental program through the Students' Association office. The fee for this insurance is assessed and paid to Assiniboine Community College with all other tuition and fees. The fee for individual coverage is $240* for the period beginning from term assessed to the end of the following August. Students with current insurance coverage may opt out of these fees by contacting the ACCSA office. See www.accstudents.com for more information. *Some restrictions may apply.


Assessment Fee

An assessment fee of $1.50 per credit must be paid for regular certificate and diploma distance education courses.


Expenses Related to Practicums or Co-operative Work Placements

Practicums and co-operative work placements are an integral part of certain programs and where expenses are involved they are the responsibility of the student. These costs are not covered by the tuition fee. Expenses will vary depending on where the individual student takes their field training. Tuition, student services and Students’ Association fees are assessed and payable while students are participating in practicums and co-operative work placements. Details are included in individual program descriptions.


Payment of Fees

Program/course fees are payable prior to the start of each term or upon date specified in the registration information. Students can log in to their MyACC account to view term balances and make a payment. Fees are also payable in cash, by cheque or money order (made payable to Assiniboine Community College), by VISA, MasterCard or debit card or through online and telephone banking services. To take advantage of online and telephone banking services, students must register with their bank or financial institution.

Where a student registers after the class start date, all program/course fees are due and payable at the time of registration.

Refer to www.assiniboine.net/paymentoptions for more information. 


International Fees

For a summary of international student fees for the upcoming academic year, please refer to the international student fees (PDF).


Sponsored Students

If sponsoring agencies are to be billed for students’ costs, please complete a sponsorship form or send a letter of sponsorship.

A letter of sponsorship must be supplied on official stationery containing the following information:

  • Sponsoring agency name
  • Sponsoring agency address
  • Fees the sponsoring agency is willing to cover, e.g. program/course fees, textbooks, parking, etc.
  • Length of study the sponsoring agency is willing to cover.

A person having the authority must sign the form/letter and that individual’s official title must be indicated. Application fees, commitment fees and supplemental examination fees will not be billed to sponsoring agencies. These fees are the student’s responsibility. Refunds for students who are sponsored will be sent directly to the sponsor, not the student.


Tuition/T2202A Tax Receipts

For income tax purposes, T2202As will be available no later than February 28 each year from MyACC. Students must print their T2202A forms from My ACC.


Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Cheques

A penalty fee of $25 will be assessed on all NSF cheques.


Late Fees

Tuition, course, student services and Students’ Association fees assessed for courses are due in full on the start date of the program term in which the courses will be taken. Students who, after 15 days from the start of each program term, have an outstanding balance for any tuition, course, student services or Students’ Association fees will be assessed a late payment fee of $50 and will not be allowed to register for any additional classes or obtain any documents from the college until their account is paid in full. Students who have an outstanding balance for any tuition, course, student services or Students’ Association fees after 55 days from the start of a program term will have their accounts sent to a collection agency.


Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

(Plus GST where applicable):

Academic appeal fee $50
Access card or photo ID replacements  $25
Transcript copies $15
Diploma/Certificate replacement fee $50
Library handling fee $15
Confirmation of enrolment fee $15
Late Fees $50 per term
Payment Plan setup fee $40 per term
Payment Plan late fee $25 per term
Supplemental examination fee $50



There are a limited number of electrical parking spaces available to students of ACC. These spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. All student parking is scramble parking. A parking decal must be clearly displayed in the vehicle at all times. No replacement decals will be issued for lost or stolen decals. Parking rates are available from Registrar's Office. Visit www.assiniboine.net/parking for specific information and costs for each location.

A limited amount of parking may be available on city streets near the college. However, students who park on private property near the college do so at their own risk.



If students choose to drop a course, student accounts will be credited as shown in policy A20 – Registration, Adding and Dropping Courses. See www.assiniboine.net/policies for more information.

Full credit of tuition, laboratory, materials, student services and Students’ Association fees will be made if the student drops the course before course start date, or if the college cancels the course.

Requests to change from one section of a course to another will be treated the same as dropping one course and adding another.  The above-noted tuition, course, student services and Students’ Association fee credits will apply.


Outstanding Debts

Refunds may be reduced by outstanding debts, such as late fees, library fines, parking fees, etc. Transcripts, certificates and diplomas of graduating students who have outstanding accounts with the college will be withheld pending settlement of these accounts.

Documents will also be withheld from students if their sponsoring agency owes for outstanding fees.


Fee Schedule

Program fees for domestic students are noted on each program page on the college website. A fee summary for domestic students is noted in the pdf. Estimate program fees for international students can be found here.


*These fees apply to programs advertised in the college's annual Academic Calendar. Please refer to the Continuing Studies brochure for specific course fees for evening/weekend courses or special programming.

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