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Copyright Guidelines

Every day, college instructors, staff and students make thousands of photocopies. Books, journal articles, speeches, sections from plays — they're all being copied. The copies help students learn, assist instructors in their teaching and research, and facilitate the smooth running of the college. 

But is that copy you're making legal? The answer lies in the rules in the Copyright Act, in Fair Dealing and in individual or college wide permissions brokered with authors and publishers. 

This document linked below will help guide you through the law and processes so that you can be sure you are copying right. 

Copying Right   |   Assiniboine Copyright Manual (PDF) 

The Copyright Information Centre (from the Canadian Library Association) is your one stop shop to access electronically copyright information important to Canadian libraries. It will provide the latest information on Canadian copyright reform, regulations, and bills, and also interpretations of copyright law and other copyright information.

FAQs on Copyright Law: excellent, clear information from the CMEC (Council of Ministers of Education, Canada)