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Message to Our Community Partners

Teepee at ACC's North Hill CampusWe look forward to working closely with Education Counsellors, Sponsors and Community Partners to make the ACC experience for students a positive and successful one. Resources available to sponsoring agencies and counsellors include:

  • Indigenous Services student information packages designed to assist students in preparing for college and relocating to Brandon
  • College materials and program information including catalogues, synopses, scholarship, awards and bursary information, and an Indigenous Resource Guide
  • Open lines of communication regarding student progress and needs
  • Opportunities to book private meeting rooms for on-campus visits with students.
  • The ability to advertise scheduled visits with notices and announcements in our Cultural Centre.

Reminder to all counsellors

Don’t forget to have your students sign a "release of information" form and submit it to the college. Without it, we are unable to share with you any information regarding a student’s attendance and progress.

If you require more information regarding services for sponsors and education counsellors, please email us.

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