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Cultural Centres

The Cultural Centres provide a comfortable, welcoming environment for students to relax and mingle. It is an ideal place to visit with Elders and fellow students, study, or just relax between or after classes. Check the bulletin boards in the centres for upcoming community and college events.

Room 231, Victoria Avenue East Campus
Room P112, North Hill Campus (Pineridge Building)
Room 109, the Parkland campus
Room 104, Adult Collegiate Campus
Room 133, Winnipeg Training Center

We encourage students to participate in the many cultural events that take place on campus, such as:

  • Meet & greets
  • Family Feast
  • Indigenous guest speakers, role models, artists, and leaders – throughout the year
  • Activies (beading, dreamcatchers, etc) – weekly
  • Various Celebrations – We’ll keep you posted
  • Cultural Teachings 
  • Movie night
  • Resource sessions

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