Accessibility/Disability Testing Services (ADS): | Assiniboine Community College
Accessibility/Disability Testing Services (ADS):

Some students with disabilities face barriers in the testing process. The purpose of testing accommodations is to give a student equal access to the testing process by altering the test’s administration. These changes can include test delivery (e.g. having a reader, Braille, large print), student’s response method (e.g. having a scribe, using assistive technology), and test scheduling (e.g. private space, breaks, extended time). The content or core requirements are not altered; rather, the student is given an opportunity to better demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. Student Success Advisors can approve test accommodations if appropriate documentation is provided and after meeting with the student. 

  • Student completes request for accommodations on the ADS form.
  • Student gives form to the instructor to initiate request for accommodated testing.
  • Instructor completes their section of the form and sends it to the Test Centre.
  • The Test Centre schedules the test in Outlook and sends an invitation to the student, instructor, and invigilator (if required).
  • The instructor will then attach the test to the form and send it to the Test Centre.
  • The method of test return is the same as the on-campus or distance education process.